Step by Step Process to Arrange Towels on Towel Bar

Let’s face it! Arranging towels on a towel bar is a tricky task. If your job is related to the spa, saloon, 5-star hotel, club, or such places, it’s essential to know how to arrange towels on the towel bar. But unfortunately, most people these days are not familiar with the proper technique!

Towel on Towel bar

Hey, there is always a silver lining, you know. And this is why I’m here to make you feel happy. I’ll show the right technique that you should apply to perform the task without busting a gut!

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Process of Arranging Towels on Towel Bar

You’re just one step away to learn the way of arranging a towel on the bar. Follow the step-by-step process to get a clear idea:

Step-1: Choose a Flat Surface

First off, you’ll have to pick a flat and clean surface. It can either be your bed, table, countertop, or anything else. But you’ll definitely have to make sure that the surface is spick-and-span!

Step-2: Lay the Hand Towel

It’s time to spread out the hand towel straight away on that flat surface. Ensure to spread it quite evenly so that each and every corner of the towel looks straight.

Step-3: Fold It

After laying the towel on the flat surface, get your hands on every single long edge in order to fold it carefully toward the center. All the edges should touch the middle, keep in mind.

Note: You should place the tag inside as well.

Step-4: Hang the Towel Right Away

Pick the towel up that you’ve folded. Adjusting the ends of the hanging will be a great idea to make sure that they’re both pretty much even. If you see the one side seems longer than the other, ensure to pull the shorter part a bit downward to make them equal. 

I always suggest keeping the old towel out from the bar. It might provide a mild or even extreme odor. Thus, your new towel will turn into a piece of junk!

Step-5: The Finishing Touch

To ensure better stability and beauty at the same time, hanging an additional hand towel over that piece of a large-sized towel won’t be a house of cards!

In that case, you can spread the hand towel out on a smooth and clean surface. Fold it vertically even though the size seems small. After you completely fold it, make sure to keep it over the bath towel on that bar, that’s all!

Here is a quick video that you can watch to learn the basic techniques of folding, rolling, and hanging towels on the bar.

What Color Is the Best for Towels?

Choosing a specific color for towels actually depends on your taste. Some of the users are very much fond of light colors, and others like to have something deep. In my opinion, you should go with the exquisite “white.”

Though the white color is common and captures stubborn dirt at times, however, I think it’s the single best color that suits most decors. What do you think?

Final Words

That was every little thing on how to arrange towels on towel bar. When it comes to arranging towels, there are so many ways to choose from. But I’ve shown you the most basic technique so that you can do it yourself instantly after getting some unexpected guests at your home.