Best Recycled Toilet Paper – 100% Eco-Friendly Bath Tissue

Do you know how many trees people are dumping every single day? 270,000! Surprised to hear that? We can bet that you are! You’re going to be more surprised once you know that roughly 10% of that is done as toilet paper. But is there anything you can do to get it fixed?

We believe you do! All you have to do is just bring some changes in your toilet tissue and get the recycled one. But quality? Well, just bring the best recycled toilet paper in, and you won’t even have a chance to complain about that.

Best Recycled Toilet Paper

Now the question is how to understand which one to get. Wait a minute! Then why we’re here for? Let us lead you to your desired one.

Best Recycled Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Reviews

Even the manufacturers have understood that it’s high time to focus on recycled toilet papers in order to save the world. So, it wasn’t easy to find the top ones. Still, we’ve managed to find out the top 8 toilet papers to ease it up for you. Here comes the list.

Scott Essential Professional Recycled Toilet Paper

Scott Essential Professional Recycled Toilet Paper
Scott Essential Professional Recycled Toilet Paper Design

How many times you’ve felt guilty while dumping a pile of toilet papers understanding that you’re ruining the environment? The number is ‘a lot’, we guess. But team Scott has thought of bringing a change to that with their 13217 toilet paper.

Now you might be thinking, how’s that going to happen? Well, to minimize your contribution to environmental pollution, they’ve made this toilet paper meet EPA minimum standards.

This means with its FSC and EcoLogo certification, this piece of paper won’t be causing any damage to the atmosphere anymore. A fair share of thanks goes to the 100% recycled fiber as it’s the prime material here.

Worrying if it was made strong enough in an effort of being eco-friendly? To know that, just put it in any cleaning task, and the solid performance will speak for itself. Along with that, this 2-ply toilet paper can suck in any liquid like a high-end one.

Each of its cases contains 80 rolls, and each roll comes with 506 sheets. Do you really think you’re going to run out of it that easily once you have that much on the roll?

As a neutral tissue paper, it won’t cause any visual distortion on your restrooms and can fit in easily on any of them. Moreover, with a length of 4 inches, covering a wider area will be easy as pie.

  • Made of 100% recycled fiber
  • More eco-friendly than regular tissue papers
  • Comparatively strong and absorbent
  • Comes in a greater quantity
  • Compatible with any kind of restrooms
  • Not the cheapest one in the market

Aria Premium Recycled Bath Tissue

Aria Premium Recycled Bath Tissue
Aria Premium Recycled Bath Tissue Design

Probably you’ve only seen tissue papers that are prone to get torn when you wipe water or any other liquid with them. But what if you get something that gets 2X stronger in wet condition? Sounds surprising? Well, Aria has pulled off something like that with their 33110 Premium toilet tissue.

With 30% extra thickness, you won’t even have to worry about whether it’s going to perform up to the mark or not. And team Aria has never compromised on the question of comfort and softness. That’s because they use the fiber source from trees that has made it super-soft and comfortable simultaneously.

That’s not all! Along with being septic-safe and bio-degradable, this tissue paper is also unscented. This means unlike all those heavy fragrant tissue papers, this one ain’t going to bother your nose for sure.

To keep it completely eco-friendly, the manufacturer has used 100% renewable power to make it. Even on the packaging, they’ve kept it recyclable as well. So, with its 94% plant-based packaging, you can be sure that you aren’t investing in environmental pollution anymore.

But what if this 2-ply toilet paper can’t cover enough for you? Just relax; the 24 Rolls with 821.3 sq. ft. size won’t let that happen. Need a bit more elaboration? Well, you’re going to get 308 sheets on every roll. So, if you’re worried about running out of paper, then save it for the other brands, but not this one.

  • Made ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Comes with 30% extra thickness
  • 2X stronger in wet condition
  • Unscented, septic-safe and bio-degradable
  • Comes in a good quantity
  • Some consider it too thick for their toilet drainage

365 Everyday Value Recycled Bath Tissue

365 Everyday Value Recycled Bath Tissue

Doesn’t it feel helpless when you need to damage the environment every single day just because things you’re using aren’t pollutant free? We know how awful the feeling is, and so does the team 365. So, they’ve brought their amazing bath tissue to get you rid of that burden of guilt.

The first thing they’ve done impressive is with their material. And guess what they’ve used? It’s 100% recycled paper where 80% of it is post-consumer recycled paper. This means you can relax on your rocking chair, thinking that at least your tissue paper wasn’t a reason what took the lives of all hundreds of trees.

To keep it natural, the makers decided to use no fragrance on this one. Now you can just simply wipe it all and throw away without covering your nose for unwanted fragrance.

Want to know something more impressive? They’ve added no dyes on this one. Now let me explain the wow-factor here. Many brands use chlorine to bleach the paper, which can be quite dangerous for the environment. So, instead of taking the easy way, the makers used a whitening process that’ll keep it harmless.

Along with a high absorption rate on it, the water or liquid will have no chance to leave the ground. No matter what type of liquid you’re dealing with, it can suck it all in.

  • Made of 100% recycled paper
  • Doesn’t cause any damage to the environment
  • Comes with no unwanted fragrance
  • Keeps the whitening process harmless
  • Doesn’t contain any dye
  • Not the thickest one in the market

Georgia Pacific Recycled Hardwound Paper Towel

Georgia Pacific Recycled Hardwound Paper Towel
Georgia Pacific Recycled Hardwound Paper Towel Design

A pile of scattered liquid surely is irritating when it comes to cleaning. But do you know what is more annoying? A roll of tissue paper so thin that can’t even sustain a single wipe. Don’t worry; Georgia-Pacific is here with their amazing 26301 Paper Towel Rolls to get that covered for you.

Unlike the mainstreams, these rolls are capable of ensuring higher absorbency. Now it doesn’t matter whether your countertop or floor is covered with dropped juice; it can wipe all of them off with the blink of an eye.

And if the thickness and strength are what you’re craving for, then there’s good news for you. This paper towel can keep up with any task you put on, like wiping, hand drying, or general cleaning.

Don’t go on the look with its beautiful brown color and performance. This high-end paper still won’t break your bank no matter in how many ways it surpasses your old and boring tissue papers.

But in the effort of making it super-efficient, team Georgia-Pacific didn’t forget that they’ve to keep the environment safe as well. So, they used materials like 100% recovered fiber, where 50% of it is post-consumer content. This means when you’ll bring it in, you won’t be financing environmental pollutions anymore.

  • Can deal easily with all regular cleaning tasks
  • Comes with a superior absorbency rate
  • Has the required thickness and strength
  • Economical compared to other high-end tissues
  • Keeps the environment impact low
  • A little more thickness would’ve been better

Georgia Pacific Compact Coreless 2-Ply Recycled Toilet Paper

Georgia Pacific Compact Coreless 2-Ply Recycled Toilet Paper
Georgia Pacific Compact Coreless 2-Ply Recycled Toilet Paper Design

Georgia-Pacific is back in the race for the throne of the best recycled toilet tissue! This time with something better, something bigger. It’s the 19375 Toilet Paper with 36 rolls in each case. But is it only the quantity that has been improved? No! There’s more, much more!

You’ve already seen the level of concern team Georgia-Pacific has when it comes to choosing the right material. Making no exception to that, they’ve repeated the equal discretion here as well. Its recycled fiber content got the EPA compliant, and 25% of that is post-consumer recycled fiber.

But what about the quantity? Is it good again this time? Well, count the number of sheets 1000 this time on each roll. Yup, you’ve heard it right, 1000! This means getting one single case with 36 rolls will get you 36000 sheets. Looks like you ain’t going to run short of toilet papers any sooner.

One more thing! You won’t be seeing any core roll this time. So, you’ve got the 100% possibility of getting 100% of this toilet paper. Now rather than roaming around for high-capacity options, you can just bring this one in as one of your finest solutions.

And absorption? Once again, the makers have kept the bar high here. They’ve left no scope to complain about its strength as well, just the way you’d like to have it on the best quality recycled toilet paper.

  • Comes with a high capacity
  • Made safe for the environment
  • Having no core-roll ensures 100% consumption
  • Comes with a high absorption rate
  • The strength level is perfect
  • Could’ve been a bit thicker

Scott Essential Jumbo Roll JR. Recycled Toilet Paper

Scott Essential Jumbo Roll JR. Recycled Toilet Paper
Scott Essential Jumbo Roll JR. Recycled Toilet Paper Design

Looks like team Scott has made it again on our list of toppers, though it wasn’t that much surprising. Especially when they’ve got something as supreme as 67805 on their toilet paper segment, it’s becomes quite challenging to stop them from being on the top.

Like earlier, the makers have focused on using the right material once again. That’s why they’ve used recycled materials and kept the percentage 100 this time. Moreover, for keeping the environment safe, they’ve shown no miserliness in meeting EPA guidelines. And yes, it’s FSC Certified as well.

Who doesn’t want to have products free of harmful chemicals? We bet you’re on that list of people too. So, team Scott used no chemicals that can cause any harm to your skin or health. As a cherry on the top, you ain’t going to be bothered with irritating fragrances either.

Quantity is the prime concern of any buyer right after quality. So, the makers thought keeping the standard high there as well with 1000 ft. length on each roll. This means all the 12 rolls will get you 12000 ft. of quality tissue papers in a single case. That should be more than enough in a single case, unlike you expected.

  • Made of recycled materials
  • Harmless for the environment
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Doesn’t come with any irritating fragrances
  • Each roll comes with a higher length
  • Thinner than some of the competitor products

Marcal MRC6079 Recycled Toilet Paper

Marcal MRC6079 Recycled Toilet Paper

Maintaining safety standards on things that we regularly use is never the old school, especially on toilet papers. Agreeing on that, team Marcal thought of bringing something better, which will not only be recycled but also safe. So, they came up with the super soft and absorbent MRC6079 Bath Tissue.

But what has made them better than the others? Along with being the 100 percent recycled bath tissue, this one is septic-safe and Green Seal certified. This means when you’ll get a roll of this tissue paper, you won’t be promoting any threat to the environment, at least.

To score a full mark on the safety part, the makers made the whitening process completely free of chlorine bleach chemicals. And you can check the ingredient list too; you won’t find anything like dyes or fragrances there for sure.

Each one of these 2-Ply toilet paper rolls contains 336 sheets. So, when you’re hanging one right in your bathroom, that there’s a lean chance of it running out any sooner. Now just imagine, what a case of it can do, as that comes with 48 complete rolls.

  • Doesn’t use chemicals that contain chlorine bleach
  • Free of dye and fragrances
  • Comes with the septic-safe feature
  • Harmless for the environment
  • Made of 100% Recycled materials
  • The color is not as white as regular tissue papers

Seventh Generation 2 Ply Recycled Bath Tissue

Seventh Generation 2 Ply Recycled Bath Tissue

It’s time to wrap up the review part with the Seventh Generation Bath Tissue. If you’re not a fan of bleached tissue papers, then you’re definitely going to love this one. But that’s not the only aspect that has pushed it on the list of our toppers. There’s more to the story!

Generally, what you check out in the first place while grabbing a roll of recycled tissue paper? Materials, right? Well, in that case, you ain’t going to have much of a scope to question as this one is made of recycled materials.

What has made this one a better-recycled product is 80% of the materials are post-consumer recycled fiber. So, congrats! Indeed you won’t be ruining the environment by bringing this one in.

You’ve got a higher expectation on the TP’s softness and strength level. Fortunately, team Seventh Generation knew it from the very beginning. So, they’ve made the paper so soft that you won’t even have a bit of scratchy feeling on your skin. And strength? Put it on any task, and you won’t be disappointed.

With a dimension of 4” X 3.7”, you can cover it all effortlessly. Each of its rolls is containing 400 2-ply sheets. So, if you want to run out of paper, you might have to end up wasting it.

  • Uses no bleaching in the process
  • 80% of material is post-consumer recycled fiber
  • Keeps the softness and strength level high
  • Contains 400 sheets on each roll
  • Perfectly harmless to the environment
  • Not the cheapest one

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why shouldn’t one throw toilet paper in the toilet?

A: Often toilet papers are bleached with chlorine, which is quite harmful to the environment. So if you’re dumping it in the toilet, then it’s directly going to the environment through water, which ultimately causes pollution.

Q: What’s the problem with thicker toilet papers?

A: To be honest, thicker toilet papers are better in almost every way. But as we said – Almost. They can cause clogging issues when they’re dumped in toilets.

Q: Why is FSC certification important?

A: As a consumer, you need to check out if the tissue paper you’re buying is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or not. It’s because you don’t want to motivate the production of a product that helps in deforestation.

Q: What is the drawback of coreless tissue papers?

A: Indeed coreless tissue papers are better if you think it from the quantity perspective. But some of the users find it difficult to handle, though that’s not the same scenario for everyone.

Q: Why bleached with chlorin tissue papers should be avoided in the first place?

A: Chemical like chlorine is a sensitive one even if it comes to industrial use. But some of the manufacturers use it for the bleaching process of tissue papers. When they’re dumped in the environment, then can cause severe damage to it. So, it’s better to avoid such kind of tissue papers.

Final Words

The world’s environment is changing, unfortunately, in a negative way. So, even taking a small step might slow it down a bit. As an inhabitant of the world, you might not have much on your hand, but even a change on your toilet paper can be used as a step in the process. After all, something is better than nothing.

But you don’t need to settle with any random one written ‘recycled’ on it. You’ve got the complete freedom to pick the best recycled toilet paper, and we’ve tried to lead you to one. So, now it’s your call!