Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathroom | Easiest Ways to Utilize Space

With the increasing popularity of small apartments, it is no wonder that space is now a luxury for many. This is especially so for bathrooms where many individuals have to cram all their essentials in a small shared bathroom.

Toothbrushes and paste and all you can make do by cramming them in a cup- but what about your towels? That’s what our article is about.

Read on to find towel storage ideas for small bathrooms.

Why Is It Necessary?

For starters, in shared homes, at times, not every individual will have their own personal attached bathroom. Piling up different people’s towels and using one another’s towels are a no-no as there can be the transfer of germs.

And towels are not just used to dry off after a shower/ bath- different towels have different functions.

There’s one for cleaning your hands, one for drying your face, one for the body, which is also at times used to wipe off sweat (now imagine sharing the towel with your roomie again. Yuck!), as well as washcloths used for scrubbing.

In addition, there are also multiple towels needed for cleaning too. All these mean that towel storage is essential that most households need to sort out sooner or later, and we are here to help you with yours.

I assure you, the floor is not a good accomplice and can contaminate your towel, hampering your hygiene (Have you ever seen the water after you’ve mopped the floor? Exactly). But worry not, with the following tricks, you can increase the towel storage in your bathroom by leaps and bounds.

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Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathroom

Here, we’ll talk about the towel storage ideas that you can apply:

Using Vertical Space

Take a look at your small bathroom. What makes it small? Usually, we take that as the amount of floor space taken; thus, fewer cabinets we can squeeze in for storage.

But have you ever taken a look at the walls? From above the sink to behind the bathroom door, around the corner of your shower space, and everything in between – it’s all free real estate! Let’s dive right in to see what you can use to transform that space.

  • Using Hooks

It’s a simple, no-fuss type of solution. Indeed, there are many types of hooks you can add to your walls to hang your towels on. Suction hooks work wonders if you’re afraid of the drill.

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Steel hooks are cool to touch and can match with other bathroom pieces, blending in to create a set. Wooden hooks are always pleasing to the eye as well. With different hanging patterns, you can have personalization unique to you and no other!

  • Creative Baskets and Buckets

Now hold on, I don’t mean using the baskets on the floor and crowding up your bathroom. Baskets surprisingly make good shelves if placed vertically and can turn into a good rack for holding your towels.

You can DIY some hooks at the bottom of the shelf to hang your hand or face towels separately as well. Don’t just limit yourself to wicker baskets; the rule can apply to all sorts- whether it be iron, antique, cloth, or bicycle baskets. Any style that tickles your fancy will elevate you from the basics.

Buckets can work in a similar fashion when you hang a couple in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Take inspiration from the neighbor’s hanging plant tops, and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

  • Mounted Towel Bars

Yes, you read correctly. Plural. While one is usually the standard, using multiple can separate your personal towels from others or can be used to separate the different towels you have from one another. Helpful placements are the back of the bathroom door or next to the sink- but away from your shower piece.

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  • Floating or Closed Shelves

Personally, I prefer the floating shelves over closed ones as they do not block the flow of light as much, thus give a lighter feel than closed shelves.

But closed shelves have the added security of not allowing towels to fall over; depending on what suits you, mounting such shelves will allow you much more storage than you had had initially.

  • Reusing Ladders or Windows

This is a niche solution that many can steer towards for a more rustic, multitasking vibe. Not only can mounting such furnishings be aesthetic if done correctly, but the bars they come with are also best suited for hanging multiple towels without taking too much space.

Utilizing Floor Space

If you like keeping your walls empty and don’t like the above ideas – worry not; we can work out something different for you as well. Previously we mentioned that putting cabinets on the floor takes up space and ends up crowding the already small bathroom.

Here are some ideas that you can use without jeopardizing that precious, precious elbow room.

  • Open Towel & Linen Storage

You know those open shelves people use to store and showcase their antiques or fancy plate collections in? Why not place one in your bathroom, but for your towels? Not only does it provide visibility and open access, but the open system is also lighter on the eyes than a full cabinet.

  •  Ship’s Deck Block Style Shelves

The chuck of wood not only creates contrast with the bathroom tiles but oozes style and individuality. Couple it with other statements of wood pieces and ooh-la-la!

  • Tiered Stands

These types of stands are lightweight and allow flexibility on what they can store. Not only can you separate the different types of towels, but you can also easily discard dirty ones on the bottom tier without worrying about them being dirtied by the floor.

  • Shelving Units

Space-saving, multitasking, light on the eyes. What’s not to like?

Using Corners of The Room

When you take a closer look at your furnishings, more often than not, the corners of the bathrooms are written off as dead space. Through the usage of floating shelves, this problem can be sorted out.

Some apartments also have that out-of-place pillar that juts out into the room. Utilizing the space between that and the closest wall with stalks of shelves can create much-needed room for storage as well.

Use Different Materials

It’s your bathroom that you are decorating, and the choices you make in the choice of furnishings, the materials, the placements, and the color palette all reflect your sense of style.

Feel free to experiment with different textures and materials; after all, this too is a form of self-expression, albeit with much focus given on towel storage.

Try out different things, from iron rods, wooden racks, glass storage (be careful trying not to accidentally break that one!), wired units, to reusing discarded furniture, making your own.

Match different articles together, or mismatch everything- who knows, in some bizarre form, it may even all come together.


The article above features a variety of different ideas that you can use to maximize your towel space in small bathrooms. You can use one or multiple of the suggestions to boost your towel game.

After all, the important thing here is to not be discouraged or limited by looking at the small space. It’s too early to throw in the towel- if you cannot even figure out the storage of towels, where will your other essentials such as hairdryers, shampoos, body wash, and the like go to?

So, implement our given towel storage ideas for small bathrooms and let us know your feedback.