How to Dissolve Paper Towel in Toilet | The Effective Way

A lot of people make the mistake of flushing paper towels down the toilet, thinking it is the same as toilet paper. But the truth is, paper towels have a much complex construction and are more durable. So when you put a lot of paper towels in the bowl, it will hold the water and eventually clog up the toilet.

If you have ever faced such a situation, or fear facing one, you might be wondering how to dissolve paper towel in toilet. Well, fortunately for you, this article covers all the information you need to know to answer your question.

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Tips to Dissolve Paper Towels

Here is a list of tips that can help you unclog the bowl as fast as possible. Remember to practice each one with caution, and to wear gloves!

Let It Sit

One of the first steps to help paper towels dissolve is to just let them sit in the bowl for a few hours. The water often helps soften up the load, and it dissolves on its own. Remember, impatience will not solve the problem.

Flush A Few Times

If the towel does not dissolve on its own even after a few hours, you should then try flushing it at least 3 or 4 times. This helps create pressure on the already somewhat softened towel and might help to dislodge it.

Use Warm Water and Dishwasher Soap

Another proven technique to help soften the stuck paper towel is to use a combination of warm water and dishwasher soap. You have to be careful here not to use boiling water, as that will definitely crack the porcelain.

Once you have poured the dishwasher mixture, let it sit for a few minutes and then flush the toilet. You can also keep flushing while pouring the mixture.

Use A Plunger

Assuming none of the above steps have solved the problem, it is time now to bring out the toilet plunger. Make sure you have a good quality one at hand and not one of the hard plastic ones.

Before starting this process, clear out everything around your toilet bowl and wear elbow-length gloves as the whole process can get quite filthy.

Now you need to put the plunger down the bowl in such a way that the cup covers the opening of the drain completely. Move the plunger both upwards and downwards so as to create a suction. Moving it only downwards will not help push the clogged towel.

After doing this for a while, the suction should create enough pressure on the towel to dissolve on its own. If the toilet bowl empties once you remove the plunger, you will know your job is done.

Take Help Of An Auger

If the plunger does not work, consider using a toilet auger, also known as closet augers. An auger has around 3 to 6 feet of cleaning cable attached at the end of a plastic elbow sleeve. The cable has barbs at the end that help move clogs.

First, position the plastic sleeve at the opening of the toilet, and then extend the cable through the opening. By moving the cable around, you can help get a hold of the paper towel and dissolve it fully.


Now that you have read our article, hopefully, you know all about how to dissolve paper towels in the toilet. But keep in mind that if none of these tips work, it is best o consult a professional plumber, as that might help save both money and energy in the long run.