Best Dissolving Toilet Paper For A Septic Tank of 2022

The sleep could’ve been great. After all, it’s Sunday! But damn! That noise ruined it all! Where it’s coming from? Looks like a team of plumbers working on something. Oh no! That septic tank failed again! See? That’s what happens when you flush the wrong kind of toilet paper in your toilet.

This is why dissolving toilet paper is considered a better option. But is there any guarantee that they won’t take forever to dissolve? No! At least not if you don’t pick the best dissolving toilet paper for a septic tank.

Now the question is, there’re tons of toilet paper written ‘Dissolving’ on it, so which one to get? Well, you’re just about to find out.

Best Dissolving Toilet Paper for a Septic Tank System Reviews

Maybe you’re not feeling like taking too much headache for a simple toilet paper. But the thing is, one wrong choice might make you put your hand deeper in your pocket. So, to save you from signing all those cheques to the plumbers, we’ve got you the top 10 dissolving toilet papers. All you’ve to do is just pick yours.

Solimo 2-Ply Dissolving Toilet Paper

Solimo 2-Ply Dissolving Toilet Paper
Solimo 2-Ply Dissolving Toilet Paper Design

2-Ply Toilet Paper from Solimo hits our topper’s list really hard. If you’re new to the world of sanitation products, then there’s a slim chance you haven’t had a glance at this name. As a ruling brand, this one has put its step in your toilet as well.

But what they’ve done with this specific toilet paper? Well, there’s a saying – ‘seeing is believing’. So, they’ve at first focused on what you can see, and it means the quantity. Each roll in this one comes with 350 sheets. So, once you put a roll in your toilet, it ain’t going walk out of there before doing some serious cleaning.

Most importantly, it won’t be causing any trouble to your septic tank for sure. Now it doesn’t matter how many piles of tissue paper you’re throwing in, that won’t make you call the septic maintenance team for sure.

From throwing, more or less, all the wastes will get dumped into the outworld after all, aren’t they? So, to keep the safety bar high, team Solimo made a wise move and used pulp from trees. Don’t worry; it was done from responsibly sourced trees.

Unlike some of the roughest papers, this one won’t scratch your skin or cause any irritation. And the absorbency? You ain’t going to be disappointed with that either as the rate is decently high.

  • Safe materials used for the manufacturing
  • Comes in a standard quantity
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to the environment
  • Gives a softer feeling on the skin
  • Comes with a decent absorbency rate
  • A little more thickness would’ve been better

Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch Toilet Paper
Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch Toilet Paper Design

What a toilet paper does? Just clean and absorb, right? Well, the Ultra Strong Toilet Paper from Charmin is meant to do that too. But the difference is, it does that quite like the best toilet paper for septic systems. So, you might be wondering how’s that?

Well, it all starts with its superb quality. They’ve used the finest material to pull that off, which is the pulp that came out of responsibly managed forests. So, don’t think you’re investing in any deforestation kind of deal here. By the way, It’s got the Rainforest Alliance Certification as well.

What else are you getting here? Let’s start with its construction then. As you’re going to deal with some not so lovely situations, so a bit more strength is highly recommended with the toilet paper. Thanks to its 2-Ply construction, what has not only maximized the strength also made it 4X stronger in the wet condition.

Do you know what panic is? If you don’t, you probably never have been in a situation like running out of toilet paper. Just kidding! Each of the packs contains 24 rolls, and there’re 363 sheets on every roll. So, when you’re sitting to ease up your stomach, you can be sure that you won’t run out of toilet paper at least.

Maybe you’re not that much into the ‘Detailing’ part, but Charmin has done some smooth job on the texture. There’re two bright sides to this story. One, you’ll get a better cleaning performance, and two, a better visuality. As a cherry on the top, it’s completely clog-safe and septic-safe too.

  • Made of 100% environment-friendly material
  • Comes with Rainforest Alliance Certification
  • 4X strong in wet condition
  • Better texture ensures perfect cleaning
  • Completely clog-safe and septic-safe
  • Rolls are too big for some toilet paper holders

Scott 13342 Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott 13342 Dissolving Toilet Paper
Scott 13342 Dissolving Toilet Paper Design

Numbers are magical, and team Scott just found out how to use that magic. Along with getting you humongous capacity on each roll, they’ve taken care of the sewer & septic safety part as well. Now unlike the low-end toilet papers, this one won’t give your septic tank a hard time for sure.

Want to know the best part? This toilet paper comes with the ability to break up 4X faster comparing to the regular one. What else can make it a worthy competitor for the throne of the best dissolving toilet paper? So, once you get this, all you have to do is say goodbye to clogging issues forever.

By the way, no one said you can’t use them on your RV or boats. Actually, this white wiper is completely harmless to the environment as the materials used on it made it harmless for your surroundings. Want a confirmation on that? Well, what else can ensure that better than the FSC certification?

With a better absorbency rate, all you can get out of it is the finest performance. And as it comes in a greater quantity, there’s no way you’re going to run out of it any sooner. So, getting this one not only will save your time and energy but also will put less pressure on your wallet.

  • Comes in a greater quantity
  • The absorbency rate is quite impressive
  • Has the FSC certification
  • Can be used in RV and boats too
  • Safe for sewer & septic tank
  • Not the thickest one compared to competitors

Cottonelle Dissolving Toilet Paper For Septic Tank

Cottonelle Dissolving Toilet Paper
Cottonelle Dissolving Toilet Paper Design

So far, all you’ve seen is 2-Ply toilet papers. From that, you’re probably guessing the 1-Ply ones are no good. But that isn’t the scene, and you’ll understand that more easily once you get to see something like the Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper from Cottonelle.

You might be thinking that after all, it’s just a 1-ply toilet paper. How strong that can be. Well, get ready for the shock, because it’s 3 times stronger and thicker comparing some major brands out there. So, when you go through some rough cleaning, this one isn’t going to let you down for sure.

Now comes the absorbency part. Is it any good in that or failed like the other low-class junk in the name of toilet paper? The good news is this Hypoallergenic and paraben-free toilet paper has kept that bar high again with 2X more absorbency rate.

Wait a minute! We’re not done yet. The makers have got it the CleaningRipples Texture. This means with one single wipe; you can clean up more residue than ever. Still, got any doubt if this 1-ply toilet paper is worth grabbing or not?

If you do, then let’s make it a bit easier. Each of the packs contains 6 rolls with 388 sheets on each of them. So, when you’re getting a case of 4 packs that comes with 24 rolls that are equivalent to 128 regular rolls. Do you still think you’ve got any chance to run short on them?

As the final touch of perfection, the makers have used plant-based fibers as material for the toilet paper, which is completely biodegradable. After all, they’re sustainably sourced out of responsibly managed forests. That’s what also made them more sewer-safe, clog-safe, & septic-safe.

  • Offers a higher absorbency rate
  • 3 times stronger and thicker
  • Completely sewer-safe, clog-safe, & septic-safe
  • Comes in a great quantity
  • Made of plant-based fibers
  • Sometimes leaves lint behind

Angel Soft 79373 Dissolving Toilet Paper

Angel Soft 79373 Dissolving Toilet Paper
Angel Soft 79373 Dissolving Toilet Paper Design

Everyone wants a roll of toilet paper in their toilet that won’t give them the feeling of rubbing their butt with pure harshness. To fill the wish up, team Angel Soft has developed the super soft 79373 toilet Paper. Now you can have the softest feel on your lowest budget.

Hold on a second! Are you looking for a stronger toilet paper? Then don’t worry; along with the perfect softness, the makers have got it the required strength as well. Now, while cleaning things up, keeping it all together will be easy as pie. Thanks to its 2-Ply construction for pulling that off.

Are you waiting for the wow-factor? Well, here it comes. No matter where you’re using it, your home, or office, it’ll keep your restroom full of fresh smell. Its fresh linen scent won’t let your toilet be a boring place full of shitty smell. We can bet this isn’t something that you’ll get on every regular toilet paper.

Moreover, do you worry about that irritation comes for free with scents? Then you can just relax as team Angel Soft has taken it through Consumer safety testing to ensure it to be non-irritating.

It comes with 48 double rolls and 214 sheets per roll. So, a single case of it will make you run the restroom without any interruption for a long time. At least, you won’t have to shout from the toilet seat for a new one.

And yes, this one is completely sewer and septic safe. So, you won’t have to give it a second thought before you push that flush button on your toilet.

  • Made as soft and strong
  • Comes with fresh linen scent
  • The scent is non-irritating
  • Has the sewer and septic safe feature
  • The quantity is perfectly decent
  • Not for those who like scent-free toilet paper

Georgia-Pacific Dissolving Toilet Paper

Georgia-Pacific Dissolving Toilet Paper
Georgia-Pacific Dissolving Toilet Paper Design

Are the toilet papers in your office running out too soon? Well, you can’t stop people from responding to nature calls. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to fix that up. Just bring the Jumbo Jr. toilet Paper of Georgia-Pacific in and watch how it pulls that frequency of changing empty rolls down with the blink of an eye.

Georgia-Pacific isn’t new in the business. They know what you need and how to get that to you. So, the first thing they’ve taken care of is the quantity. Each of the rolls here contains 1000 ft. of toilet paper. This means when you’ll be getting just a single case, it’ll come with 4 rolls or 4000 sheets!

As for strength, team Georgia-Pacific has made this Pro Series toilet paper with a 2-Ply construction. So, rather than getting torn in the middle of the job, it’ll simply finish it off smoothly. By the way, its 9” jumbo roll can fit into any ideal toilet roll dispenser. Now, all you have to do is tag it to the dispenser and relax!

We don’t know how many times you’ve got pissed off on maintaining toilet papers, but this time there’ll be a drop on that beat. The reason is quite clear. Its jumbo roll holds in toilet paper that is equivalent to 22.3 standard rolls. Now you tell us, where’s scope for you to put any extra effort into the maintenance here?

And yes, it’s totally safe for your sewer and septic system. So, you can put the clogging tension aside while bringing it in. At least, you won’t have to slip your hands in the pocket anymore because of dumping toilet papers in your toilet.

  • The 2-ply construction made it stronger
  • Can fit into any ideal toilet roll dispenser
  • The quantity is comparatively higher
  • Doesn’t require much of a maintenance
  • Safe for sewer and septic system
  • Not too soft, unlike some brands

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper For Septic Tank

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper For Septic Tank Paper
Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper For Septic Tank Design

We know you’ve already understood from the name that this one specifically made for RVs. If you’re a tour lover, then you probably also know how toilet papers can become a pure headache. But it’s time to finish it all off once and for all with the RV toilet Paper of Firebelly Outfitters.

As one of the finest toilet papers for RVs, boats, and camping, it’s got everything in its arsenal to be your next best dissolving toilet paper. The first one that comes on that list is septic safety. Isn’t it what you were most worried about? This 100% biodegradable takes no time to get dissolved and keep your tank good as new.

Also, as a bonus, you’re going find it totally safe for the sewer hose and clog-safe. Ready to take another surprise? It’s probably going to be the softest RV toilet paper you’ve ever brought in. If you don’t like toilet paper rough on your skin, then this is what you’re looking for.

Wait, there’s more! It’s also free of dyes or parabens. Moreover, the 2-ply construction gives it all the strength you need. This means you’ve got everything here to consider it perfectly suitable to put it in your toilet.

On top of that, the quantity is quite impressive compared to tons of other options. It comes in a pack of 8 rolls where you’ll get 500 sheets on each of them. That makes it a complete package of 4000 Sheets. We hope you’re wise enough to understand that this number is big enough for any regular user.

  • Made as 100% biodegradable
  • Doesn’t come with any dyes or parabens
  • Has an impressive number on the quantity
  • Gives super soft feel on the skin
  • Totally sewer-safe and clog-safe
  • Not the thickest RV toilet paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper Design

It’s been way too long with the 2-ply toilet paper. Now it’s time to check out something superior, something better. What about the Ultra Plush toilet paper with 3-ply construction from Quilted Northern? As it’s on the list of our toppers, you can bet that there’s something impressive it’s holding within.

Not too many options out there can overtake the Ultra Plush in the race of thickness and softness. Thanks to its 3-ply layers that have made it among the stronger and capable of sucking more liquid than ever. If you go for comparison, then it’ll be 3X ahead on both absorbency and softness.

A fair share of thanks goes to its Luxurious embossed texture as well for ensuring the supreme comfort. If you were craving for some comfortable touch from your last one, then this one can get you that for sure.

And yes, the septic safety! How can the team Quilted Northern forget about something that you need the most in your next toilet paper? No matter what amount of toilet paper you need to dump every day, this flushable toilet paper isn’t going to be heavy on your septic tank or the sewer systems.

Now comes the quantity. Total 3-packs with 8 rolls have made it a set of 24 rolls. And the number of sheets? That’s 319 per roll. But will it be enough for usage? Well, a single set of the Ultra Plush can cover an area of 850.6 SQ Feet. Do you still think that won’t be enough? Don’t say, because we know your answer.

  • Fully safe for septic tank and sewer systems
  • Triple layers made it stronger
  • 3 times more absorbent and soft
  • Highly comfortable compared to competitors
  • The quantity is decently high
  • Little over-sized for some toilet paper holders

Scott Rapid Dissolving Tissue Paper

Scott Rapid Dissolving Tissue Paper

Are you still confused about which one to grab for your RV? Well, let us help you out again with the Rapid-Dissolving Tissue of Scott. If you’ve already gone through Scott’s earlier models, then you know how enriching features they put into their products. The good news is, they’ve made no exception here as well.

Don’t go to its 1-ply construction and declare it a weaker contender on our toppers list. It’s still can beat a lot of major brands with ease on the scale of strength. Despite having such strength, it won’t give you even the slightest feel of roughness on your skin and can be really gentle on your bottom.

Team Scott mainly focused on making it an ideal toilet paper for RVs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it useful in places like boats, buses, or camping.

Even in the motor homes, this bad boy can keep up its performance perfectly. And yes, it’s FSC certified, in case you needed some confirmation on it being environment-friendly.

Waiting for the best part? Can you guess how fast it can dissolve? No? Okay, let us answer that. It’s 4 TIMES faster! Yup, you’ve heard it right. Without causing any pressure over your septic tank, it’ll be gone in the liquid before you know it. As a bonus, you’ve got zero chance of it causing any clogging in the toilet.

  • Has a decently strong construction
  • Comes with the FSC certification
  • Gets dissolved 4X times faster
  • Completely septic safe and clog-safe
  • Can be used in boats and motor home too
  • Not the cheapest one

Presto Dissolving Toilet Paper For Septic Tank

Presto Dissolving Toilet Paper For Septic Tank
Presto Dissolving Toilet Paper For Septic Tank Design

It’s time to drop the curtain of our review part. So, let’s wrap it up with our last topper. As you’ve already gone through the heading, you’ve known the name too. It’s the Presto Toilet Paper.

If you’ll make a list of expected features in your next toilet paper, what would they be? Softness, strength, septic safety, and better quantity, right? Congrats, you’re about to get all of them in this one, just the way you would’ve got from the best toilet paper for a septic tank.

What did we mention in the list first? Yes, the softness. Thanks to its 2-ply construction, that has not only got it all the required strength but the ultra-soft feel too. You won’t even know if you’re rubbing your skin with toilet paper or a piece of feather.

Now let’s move a bit to what it’s made of. We don’t know about you, but most consumers don’t like killing trees for just wiping their butt. Team Presto knows that, so they didn’t take the path of deforestation for that. Thanks to sustainably managed forests that have got it the pulp to put it through.

On top of that, it’s PEFC certified, which ensures that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Unlike the low-end toilet papers, it doesn’t leave much lint behind. So, while cleaning yourself up, you won’t leave the toilet seat with something sticking to your bottom.

Rather than putting your septic tank into a tougher test, it’ll get dissolved within the shortest amount of time. Even if you put all the 24 rolls gradually with 308- Sheets on each of them, it still shouldn’t be a problem. So, you can count it septic safe with closed eyes.

  • The double-layer made it stronger
  • It gives an ultra-soft feeling
  • Doesn’t cause harm to the environment
  • Safe for the septic tanks
  • Comes in a better quantity
  • A bit more thickness would’ve made it perfect

Things to Consider Before Buying Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

It’s just a cheap toilet paper. Why do you need to think so much before buying one then? You might be thinking it that way right now. But we’re pretty much sure that you won’t have the same tone of voice once you get your plumbing bill slip in hand.

So if you really don’t want to ‘Donate’ too much of your cash to the plumbing services, do yourself a favor. Check these aspects out in your next toilet paper.

Ability to Degrade

More easily, you can call it “the dissolvability”. Though it’s quite evident that all kinds of toilet paper come with the capacity to degrade. But the question is, how quickly can it do so. If the degradation takes too much time, then there’s a high chance that you might need a plumbing team soon.

Roll Size

A lean roll can gift you with an awkward situation anytime by running out. So, if you really don’t want to have that gift more often, pick a toilet paper that comes in more giant rolls. And yes, buy them in bulk. It’ll save you some bucks too.

Ply Count

The Ply count indicates the number of a layer you’re getting in the toilet paper. As it’s quite obvious that 2-ply toilet papers are better if you think from a user perspective, pick that one in the first place. But that doesn’t mean the 1-ply ones are bad. If you see they’ve got some solid construction, you can go for them too.

Harmful Chemical-free Material

When it’s about industrial production, laying hands on some harmful chemicals is nothing unusual among the manufacturers. But those chemicals can have some severe impact on the environment and your health too. So, try to grab a toilet paper that is free of those chemicals.


Getting toilet papers with a low absorbency rate is one of the easiest ways to waste your money. So, if you’re not in the mood to waste some, then you better get something that can keep it up to the mark.


Just because it’s toilet paper doesn’t mean it’ll have to get hard on your skin. Make sure the one you’re grabbing ain’t going to give you a feeling like rubbing sandpaper on your butt. The softness matters too.


Indeed thickness is an aspect that you must focus on while bringing a case of toilet paper in. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pick one so thick that’ll cause blockage issues later on. So, be a little cautious there.

Types of Toilet Paper Available in the Market

You can now call it the ancient time when people used to have only one type of toilet paper and to be honest, that was okay back then. But things have changed a lot, and so did the toilet papers. Now there’s a ton of variation that you can choose from on the basis of your preference. Check out the list below.

1-Ply Toilet Paper

With the name, you’ve already understood that it’s not much of a big shot. 1-Ply toilet papers are basically one layered toilet papers that don’t come with much of a strength. But some brands have improved that and given their one a stronger format. From the cost perspective, they’re also cheaper.

As an earlier invention, there’s not much to talk about this type of toilet paper. Moreover, if you judge it based on durability, then it’s comparatively low on that part.

But the best thing about the 1-ply toilet papers is their degradability is higher than the other toilet papers. That’s the same reason what has made them better for the septic system. As a bonus, they don’t even cause clogging either.

2-Ply Toilet Paper

If you check out the market, the one type of toilet paper you’ll see the most is probably is the 2-Ply toilet paper. With double layers, this one can literally deliver more thickness and strength. And on the question of absorbency, it’s better.

The best thing about this is, it’s much more balanced than toilet paper because it’s not too thin to deliver poor performance and not too thick to cause clogging.

3-Ply Toilet Paper

Speaking of absorbency, the 3-Ply one is way ahead in the race. As this toilet paper comes with 3 layers, it simply can suck in much more liquid compared to the other ones we mentioned.

But that not what makes this type stand out in the row of hundreds. It’s the consumption level we’re talking about. If you check out the required amount toilet paper between 3-ply and 2-ply for cleaning, 3-ply one can pull that off more easily. So, unlike the other types, this one ain’t going to run out any sooner.

Now comes the drawback. Well, nothing is perfect, and nor is the 3-Ply Toilet Paper. More layers mean more thickness, and more thickness means it’ll take more time to dissolve. So, it leaves scope for clogging too.

Extra-soft Toilet Paper

It has a different name, too – the Luxury toilet paper. With the name, you probably understood that this one isn’t going to be just like the regular one. Along with a wider variation like quilted, scented, lotioned, or perfumed, it comes at a higher price as well.

One of the plus points of this toilet paper is, it’s super soft though it comes in multiple layers. As the price is slightly higher, not too many people want to put that much money into this toilet paper. After all, they all are there for the same purpose.

Unbleached Toilet Paper

You can call more of a toilet paper the environment needs because it is mostly made of recycled materials. But that’s not what deserves all the credit for it being environment friendly, but it’s the non-bleached manufacturing process.

The easier way to find that out is checking if there’s anything written on it like “chlorine-free”.

Recently, using such a kind of toilet paper is highly appreciated as they’re less prone to damage the environment. As a cherry on the top, they don’t even cost too much either. The only drawback of it is the softness, which is not as high as the regular one.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you’re doubtful about the eco-friendliness of recycled toilet papers, you’ve got another better choice right there. Yes, it’s the Bamboo Toilet Paper. They’re made of natural elements (bamboo), and the process is also unbleached. But the only problem is its high price compared to regular toilet papers.

Toilet Papers for Sensitive Skin

Using a variety of chemicals on toilet papers is nothing new, especially chemicals like chlorine and formaldehyde. Some of the manufacturers even use fragrances and dyes too. And bleaching? It’s tough to find out brands that don’t use it.

But unfortunately, not every skin can keep up with these chemicals. So, some of the brands have come up with the idea of hypoallergenic toilet papers that’ll go gentle on the skin.

How to Use Toilet Papers?

Can you point at things around you that don’t come with a certain process to work? We can bet that you won’t find too many of them. Same as that, toilet papers come with a certain way of use as well. All you have to do is just follow some simple steps.

Step – 1: Take a roll of toilet paper out of the case and remove the cover on it. Now attach it to the toilet paper holder.

Step – 2: Once you’re done, tear toilet papers in proportion keeping your need in mind. But make sure you’re not tearing too much of it as that’ll be a waste.

Step – 3: Then, after reaching the bottom of your butt, gently start wiping it and keep doing it till you clean it up completely. Take some more toilet papers if you need them in case the residue is not gone properly.

Step – 4: After wiping the waste out, throw the used toilet paper in the toilet, and push the flush button. As toilet papers are degradable, it shouldn’t cause any problem. But make sure that you haven’t picked a toilet paper that’s too thick. Otherwise, you might face some clogging issues.

How Long Does Toilet Paper Last?

Nothing lasts forever. So, toilet paper not lasting for a long time shouldn’t be surprising either. But the good news is, they come with quite a lasting period. If you think it on the basis of durability, then a single roll of toilet paper can last up to 2 weeks, and that is more than enough.

The reason for calling it sufficient is an average person needs 50+ sheets per day. So, it’ll take only 5 days if the family member of 3-4 finishes off a roll of 1000 sheets.

But if you’re using it for office restrooms, it’ll depend on how many people use the toilet every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of toilet paper is best for septic tanks?

A: The 2-ply toilet paper that can easily be dissolved is best for septic tanks. Choosing the alternatives might cause clogging issues and problems with the septic tank as well.

Q: What is toilet paper safe for septic tanks?

A: We’ve mentioned above some of the finest options that you can choose from, as all of them can serve you perfectly. They won’t lead you to any septic tank issues easily.

Q: Why getting a bleached toilet paper a bad idea?

A: The bleached toilet papers can be really harmful as the chlorine has never been a friend of the environment. So, as they can do nothing but damage to the atmosphere, it’s better to avoid them.

Q: What makes toilet paper different than tissue papers?

A: It’s the packaging and purpose of the two that make them different from each other. Toilet papers come in rolls and tissue papers in boxes/bags. Moreover, tissue papers are meant to use on facial skin. On the other hand, toilet papers are perfectly suitable for personal cleanliness in the toilet.

Q: Can toilet papers be replaced with facial tissue papers?

A: You can use them as well, but that’ll increase the possibility of clogging if you dump them in the toilet.

Final Words

No one is stopping you from buying any random toilet paper. But that isn’t going to assure you if, after a while, your septic tank refuses to take dumps anymore. Doesn’t sound like a pleasing situation, does it?

Rather than filling the tank up with junks, use the best dissolving toilet paper for a septic tank. This way, not only you’ll keep yourself hasslefree but will save a ton of money as well.