Egyptian Towel Uses & 4 Massive Benefits

As the name implies, Egyptian towels are made from what is called Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is crafted from very long fibers which impart increased strength and smoothness to the cotton. A thing that also adds to the smoothness and durability of Egyptian cotton is that there are fewer joins between its long fibers.

Egyptian cotton has long been one of the most acclaimed materials exported from Egypt. Due to its benefits and great quality, it is often considered the finest cotton in the world. Cotton used in the production of Egyptian cotton is handpicked from near the Nile, so no wonder that it is highly praised around the world.

Egyptian Cotton Towel Uses & Benefits

The structure and benefits of Egyptian cotton are very close to those of Turkish cotton. However, there are some key differences between them. Namely, Turkish cotton is noticeably less absorbent than Egyptian cotton, which means that the two types of cotton towels are suitable for quite different applications.

Uses of Egyptian Towel

Needless to say, an Egyptian cotton towel is going to be especially useful when enhanced water absorbency is necessary. Thus, among the uses of Egyptian cotton towels are:

  • Bath towel. With Egyptian cotton, getting dry after a shower is very easy and quick.
  • Travel beach towel.
  • Baby Blanket. Not the primary application of Egyptian cotton, but you may use one as a baby blanket if you have no other choice.
  • Regular blanket when traveling or in other situations.
  • Tablecloth. The absorbency of the Egyptian cotton towel can help you keep the surface of your table away from spilled liquids. But you may need to thoroughly wash the towel afterward!

Advantages of Egyptian cotton towels

  • Extremely durable. The very first advantage of Egyptian cotton towels is, needless to say, their strength. In this sense, they are comparable to Turkish cotton towels. But which one is stronger will depend on their fiber density.
  • Very smooth. In terms of smoothness, Egyptian cotton towels are much better than regular cotton towels and comparable to Turkish cotton towels. As we’ve mentioned above, this is due to the fewer number of joins in Egyptian cotton.
  • Very soft and fluffy. Egyptian cotton towels are widely considered the softest and fluffiest towels out there. If you have delicate skin or just want a soft touch, then an Egyptian cotton towel may be the right choice for you.
  • Excellent absorbency. This, as mentioned above, is the thing that distinguishes Egyptian cotton from Turkish cotton. Egyptian cotton is very absorbent, which makes it excellent for wiping yourself dry after a shower.

Disadvantages of Egyptian Towels

  • Slow drying. This is one of the two downsides of the high absorbency of Egyptian cotton. It takes in water very quickly, but it likewise dries very slowly. Turkish cotton doesn’t have this downside since it isn’t very absorbent in the first place.
  • Start to smell funky relatively quickly. The other downside of fast absorbency is that Egyptian cotton towels get mildew and musty rather quickly. As a result, you’d need to give a wash to an Egyptian cotton towel a little more frequently.