Best Bath Towels For Your Bathroom – (of 2022)

Best Bath Towels For Bathroom

Looking for the best bath towel that will be supremely comfortable without costing too much? Well, then this is the article for you. In this post, we are going to talk about different types of towels, among which you’ll be sure to find one ideal for you. I’ll highlight their features, drawbacks, and much more. … Read more

10 Best Quick Dry Bath Towels of 2022 (Reviews)

Best Quick Dry Bath Towels

While traveling or sunbathing on a beach, we can’t afford the luxury of having the thick fluffy luxurious towels we have at home. So, we need a quick dry bath towel which has very low drying time. There are two main reasons for not taking fluffy luxurious towel. First, these towels take up a lot … Read more

Microfiber Towel Uses & 5 Massive Benefits

What Microfiber Towel Made of

Microfiber is an extremely thin fiber that is smaller and lighter than 1 denier. Denier is a measure based on a single strand of silk. So, microfiber is basically smaller and lighter than silk. Microfiber is crafted from synthetic materials like polyester or polyamide, though other materials may be used to make it. Its fibers … Read more

Egyptian Towel Uses & 4 Massive Benefits

Egyptian Cotton Towel Uses & Benefits

As the name implies, Egyptian towels are made from what is called Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is crafted from very long fibers which impart increased strength and smoothness to the cotton. A thing that also adds to the smoothness and durability of Egyptian cotton is that there are fewer joins between its long fibers. Egyptian … Read more