How to Make A Kitchen Towel Cake For Gift

Who would’ve figured all the things you can create using towels? It is almost an art by now! Different types of rolling, animals, and now, cakes. That’s right. Today, we’ll be learning how to create a cake using a regular set of towels.

How to Make a Kitchen Towel Cake

By the end of the article, you’ll no longer have an excuse not to give your closest friends a beautiful gift for their special day, whether it is a birthday or a wedding.

What Will You Need?

First off, you’re going to need a set of supplies to create your perfect towel cake. Keep in mind that these items can vary depending on how you envision your cake. Even though we recommend some stuff, don’t be shy in attempting to create your ideas.

After all, the towel cake, as a gift, works better when we add some of our personality to it.

Anyways! What will you need? Here’s a list of items to create a basic towel cake.

The Base

You’ll need a recipient to give balance to the cake and every decorative item you decide to add to make it look more beautiful. There are many types of towel cake bases you can use, but we’re sticking to budget items by using one made of plastic.

Filler Towels

Like with any good cake, there needs to be some stuffing inside. You can use bath towels or washcloths as well. Since they are going to be away from view, they don’t have to be good-looking.

Decorative Towels

These are the ones that will cover the filler towels. It is up to you to decide which one you like the most. You can use towels with luxury designs, but if you want everything to look neat, choosing similar products would be for the better.


Here’s your opportunity to start getting creative; when creating your kitchen cake towel, make sure to grab a couple of items such as oven mitts, potholders, and whatever you may consider it would look well as decoration. You’ll add them later on when the base is ready.

You can even add some utility items such as large spoons, and forks. If you’re creating it as a gift for a bride, including some roses may make her smile. Don’t forget some getting a bow as well.

Decorative Ribbon

You’ll use it to hold the cake together. Make sure to find one that matches the rest of the towels you used for the cake, as it will make the final result look better.

Cake Topper

If you’re attending a special event, the topper helps to express your best wishes to the birthday person, the groom or the bride, or whoever is celebrating.

Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue Sticks, and Rubber Bands

These three items will allow your cake to remain in place without falling apart. They also maintain your ribbons and other decoration tools in their designated spots as well.

Making our First Towel Cake

Got your tools ready? Then let’s dust off our cooking skills to bake us a cake! Figuratively, of course.

Step 1: Preparing the Towels

Starting with our decorative towel, we need to lay it flat over a surface like a table. Place it horizontally, and then, start folding it from the top. Do it only half lengthwise. Repeat this step once more from the bottom side.

Now, you want to do the same with the filler towel. After folding it, place it over the decorative towel.

Make sure to fold the filler towel a little bit smaller than the decorative towel. Otherwise, the next step would be impossible to do.

Step 2: Roll the Decorative Towel

Now, start rolling the decorative towel from one end to the other, always keeping the filler towel properly inside. The result must be the decorative towel creating a nest around the filler towel.

Step 3: Use an Elastic to Wrap It

Then, grab an elastic and use it to wrap around the decorative towel. By doing this, the filler and the protective layer will remain in place without us having to hold it.

Step 4: Setting the Base

Now, grab the towels wrapped together, and place them inside or over the base you’re going to use. If you’re using a base similar to a bowl, make sure the towels fit but not too tight. Leave some space on the sides to add accessories for decoration.

Step 5: The Top

After setting the base, our cake still needs a top layer. Repeat the same process we did before folding the towels to create it. This time, make sure to fold them tightly with this dish drying mat so it will fit as intended. You can also try one from our best dish drying mat list.

Step 6: Ribbons!

Since the rubber band is not the most appropriate method to keep together a gift, we need to cover it with something else. Hence, the decorative ribbons.

Work on the ribbons to decorate them as much as needed. Then, use the glue gun and sticks to stick it to the cake layers. Be careful not to let the hot glue cross over to the towel, because it can mess up the entire thing.

Step 7: Start Decorating!

Place both the first and second layers in the base once again.

Remember all of those accessories we mentioned before? Now it’s time to start adding them as decoration for our cake. Insert the spoons and forks between the filler and decorative towels, add flowers and put the potholders at the back, etc.

Once you finish decorating and you’re happy with the result, you can give the cake as a gift like that, or you can go one step beyond envolving it in shrink wrap.

Making Our Second Cake

Our next cake is a little more expensive than the previous.

For this cake, we’ll stick to one theme. We’ve picked towels with lemon-themed, with green and yellow colors. Like the previous steps, you’ll need the same tools

Have the freedom to select how you want your cake to look, just make sure every item is of similar color.

Step 1: Setting up the Towels

Just like earlier, you want to create an inner and an outside layer, using the towels. Repeat the same step than before to fold them, only this time, use a couple more towels to create a thicker layer. Your goal is to form sort of a nest.

Step 2: Keeping it Together

Since you’re using more towels, make sure to place an elastic band around to keep them together.

Step 3: Place the Rolled Towels in/on the Base

After putting the elastic band, grab your base and place the rolled towels inside or on top of it. We’re using a strainer, so we’re placing the towels inside.

Step 4: The Top Cake Layer

Now we’re going to use another set of towels to create the topping of our cake. Like we did before, place the towels on a flat surface and fold them through the same process.

When you finish, get the glue and use it to stick the decorative ribbon around the towels, covering the elastic band that keeps them together.

Step 5: Start Decorating!

Grab the accessories you collected before, and start decorating your towels. Use the oven mitts, the potholders, large wooden spoons or forks, the accent pieces, and anything else you consider would fit the cake decoration.

Final Words

A kitchen towel cake is a simple but beautiful gift that everyone can appreciate. We can make it for family or friends, and they will most likely remember it for a long time.