Charisma Towels Review – All Towels From Same Brand (of 2022 Updated)

When you’re looking for high-quality towels, you’ll find many brands that pridefully brag about how incredible they are.

However, there’s a big difference between a product that promises to do something and another one that follows through by delivering what it promised.

Charisma Towels Review

That’s the case of the Charisma towels.

In our Charisma towels review article, we’ll discuss every little feature that makes these products such an outstanding addition to our homes.

The best part is that there’s one for everyone! So, whether you need a bath towel or a washcloth, there’s a Charisma product waiting for you.

Types of Charisma Towels by Use

Best Charisma Bath Towel Review

If you haven’t tried a Charisma bath towel before, there are many reasons why you should totally do it. We’re going to cover those reasons as we review the best two options on the market.

Charisma Luxe Bath Towel

This towel, while it isn’t the cheapest out there, sure is a luxurious item to either decorate your house or use it to care for your skin. It is available in different colors, giving you the option to choose the one you like the most. Also, you have the opportunity to get one that fits your house decoration.

Charisma Luxe Bath Towel
Charisma Bath Towel

The dimensions are 30×56-inch, which makes it a large towel when you compare it to products from other brands. It is a lot of fabric to cover you after the shower, soaking up every bit of excess water upon your skin. Because of its large size, people can use it regardless of their height.

While using it, the towel offers high absorbency, taking care of every drop of water sliding over your body after the bath. Surprisingly enough, when totally wet, this bath towel doesn’t feel heavy either. Whether it is dry or soaked in water, the fabric is comfortable to carry around.

There are many similarities between this Charisma towel and the rest. Some of those are the pure cotton material used to produce it, the Zero Twist construction process to maintain fibers in good conditions, and the thickness provided by the 800 GSM threading.

For all of those reasons, this Charisma towel takes the first spot on our list. It is a cleaning supply that offers reliability among everything else. And, while it is an expensive towel, affordable items are not something you’ll find on these reviews.

Moreover, the towel is not necessarily overpriced, just slightly more expensive than many of the other bath towels currently available in the market.

  • Available in different colors
  • This bath towel is quite large
  • Machine-washable which prevents fraying and unraveling
  • High absorbency, being able to soak water without feeling heavy
  • This bath towel is expensive

Charisma Classic II Bath Towel

This towel is not that different from the previous pick, as it features most of the elements that make Charisma items such as well-performing supplies. When you look at this bath towel, the most noticeable difference would be in aesthetics, which doesn’t add anything to its functionality.

Charisma Classic II Bath Towel
Charisma Classic Bath Towel

So, what does this towel have to offer? Talking a little more about the similarities between this towel and the previous pick, we have the 625 GSM threading design. It is just as efficient as the other, providing benefits like high absorbency and durability.

While soaking water, this bath towel will leave your body completely dry. This towel features long cotton strands as well, which does what we covered before: it makes the fabric way more durable.

Issues like loose threads are nothing to worry about, so you’ll be able to wash the towel in the washing machine, and also use it regularly.

Also, this Charisma product is available in four different color options: Skyway, Ivory Sweet Corn, White, and Almond Milk. They all look great, but the best one is the Skyway version for sure.

However, if anything is outstanding about this towel, it would have to be its quick-drying capacity. Sure, it does not offer the fastest drying out there, and it won’t be dry again within minutes, but it won’t stay wet for hours either.

Since it is a quick-drying towel, you can pack it up and take it with you during travels, or you can use it at home. Regardless of the purpose, you give to this product, it will meet most of your expectations.

  • Available in different colors
  • 625 GSM quality
  • Durable
  • Absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • This towel doesn’t provide anything new when compared to the previous towel

Best Charisma Hand Towel Review

Are you looking for that perfect hand towel? The next Charisma product is a towel that may fill that role for you.

Charisma Classic II Hand Towel

While we’ve seen the ringspun construction process before, not many towels make the best of it. This hand towel is a clear exception to that statement; it is a beautiful towel that measures 16×28-inch. And thanks to the ringspun design, it has strong and durable cotton strands.

Charisma Classic II Hand Towel
Charisma Classic Hand Towel

For that reason, the Charisma Classic II is incredibly durable. When using it, you’ll notice the towel is quite thick. The 625 GSM cotton threading makes it possible to absorb water quickly, which is another reason why having this hand towel in the house is a good idea.

Once you add this hand towel to your household cleaning supplies, everyone will be able to use it comfortably. Children, teens, and adults will enjoy its softness. Furthermore, users with sensitive skin will get to use the towel without concerns.

When the towel feels dirty, and it’s time for maintenance, you can toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry afterward. Since it features high-grade cotton, there won’t be any unraveling or fraying even after plenty of wash sessions.

Like most Charisma towels, this one also goes through the Zero Twist process, making the hand towel more resistant by not twisting the fiber. Regardless of how regularly you use this towel, it will withstand the abuse and hold well no matter what.

The Charisma Classic II offers a hand towel way better than most. It is not too large, but not small either; it is just the perfect size for people. Also, it is available in multiple colors. So, if you don’t like the bright white, you can choose to go for one of the others instead.

  • High-quality cotton material used to create it
  • High absorbency
  • Durable towel
  • Ringspun, 625 GSM threading quality make the towel thicker
  • Not too lightweight
  • High price for one single product

Best Charisma Washcloth Review

Washcloths may not seem like a big deal, but they sure come in handy in the shower. They’re necessary cleaning products every household needs. Here are the best Charisma cloths.

Charisma Luxe Wash Towel

The Lux washcloth measures 13×13-inch, a convenient size that will allow you to use the cloth for a lot of purposes. We’re reviewing the white version, but there are other colors available. For their construction, the manufacturer uses cotton, providing you all of the benefits of this material.

Charisma Luxe Wash Towel
Charisma Wash Towel

This washcloth features 800 GSM, making it a thick fabric capable of absorbing a lot of water and liquids. Also, the threading quality ensures this cloth feels comfortable in every circumstance. Even when the fiber is wet, it won’t feel uncomfortable nor unpleasant upon your skin.

If the cloth doesn’t feel good over your skin, give it some time; it gets better and softer as time passes. The thread quality is possible because of Charisma’s weave process, which handles the high-grade cotton without twisting it.

Naturally, this construction process provides other advantages, such as longer durability, as there’s no risk of unraveling. Despite being able to soak a large amount of water, the cloth doesn’t feel heavy either. Throughout its performance, this Charisma washcloth feels plushy and lightweight.

Another highlighted feature of this washcloth is the two-ply back. Through this design choice, the cloth is capable of withstanding regular use. Whether you use it at home, or under intense outdoor activities, the cloth endures the pressure that could cause unraveling on other washcloths.

For more convenience, this washcloth is machine-washable, as well. Taking good care of it is not an issue, and as long as you keep fabric softeners or strong formulas away, it will come out of the washer in perfect condition. There are no fraying or loose threads afterward.

Moreover, the Charisma washcloth is, just like the previous products, a high-quality cleaning supply worth having at our disposal.

  • Proper size for most people
  • Thick cloth
  • Absorbent and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Expensive washcloth

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Charisma towels:

Q: Why choose Charisma towels?

A: Charisma towels are not the most good-looking out there, but they do provide plenty of benefits such as high absorbency, durability, and comfort.

Q: Are Charisma towels quick-drying?

A: They are not the fastest drying out there. However, the Charisma towels dry rather quickly when compared to other towels.

Q: What are Charisma towels made of?

A: These towels use cotton as their construction material. The ringspun cotton design, combined with quality GSM threading, ensures the towels perform well under different circumstances.

Q: Are Charisma towels machine-washable?

A: Yes, they are machine washable. Make sure to do it correctly, and consult with the manufacturer in case you need extra information about how to do it.

Q: Are Charisma towels worth it?

A: They are a bit expensive, but these towels are worth it. There are many advantages to buying one, and they quickly become one of your favorite cleaning supplies.

Final Words

Our Charisma towel review article focuses on the main elements that make these products a worthy acquisition for everyone. If you’re uncertain about which brand is the best, Charisma is a clear contestant that produces high-quality towels for everybody.