How Many Towels Do I Need For My Activities

How Many Towels Do I Need

Bath towels, hand towels, face towels; there are so many! Sometimes it is difficult to figure out just how much we’re going to need. And the options are endless too. With so many alternatives, picking the right amount becomes complicated very quickly. Not for nothing, there was a huge debate on Twitter recently, in which … Read more

How Do Cooling Towels Work – Technology Explained

How Do Cooling Towel Works

Cooling towels have been incredible allies for people who like to spend their days pushing their bodies to the limit. For instance, those who enjoy doing their routines at the gym, or for those that like taking some time of the week to hike and perform outdoor activities. In those circumstances, these towels come in … Read more

Microfiber Towel Uses & 5 Massive Benefits

What Microfiber Towel Made of

Microfiber is an extremely thin fiber that is smaller and lighter than 1 denier. Denier is a measure based on a single strand of silk. So, microfiber is basically smaller and lighter than silk. Microfiber is crafted from synthetic materials like polyester or polyamide, though other materials may be used to make it. Its fibers … Read more

Egyptian Towel Uses & 4 Massive Benefits

Egyptian Cotton Towel Uses & Benefits

As the name implies, Egyptian towels are made from what is called Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is crafted from very long fibers which impart increased strength and smoothness to the cotton. A thing that also adds to the smoothness and durability of Egyptian cotton is that there are fewer joins between its long fibers. Egyptian … Read more