Best Rugs for Cats to Scratching or Protect Furniture (of 2022 Updated)

It’s a struggle to keep your cat in peace while maintaining the floor mat or furniture clean. This age-old battle between the cat-nail vs. furniture is not going to be solved anytime soon.

But does that mean you need to sit back and watch your kitty ruin your set up? Hell no! Try gifting your pet rugs that are made especially for cats. These mats are highly resistant to damage when scratched by sharp nails. Meaning, your little buddy won’t be able to make a mess anymore!

Best Rugs for Cats

Finding the best rug for cats might be a clueless job for most users, especially if you have started owning a pet just lately. But when we are here, you’ve got a few helping hands! We have piled up a number of carpets that will work just perfectly for you!

7 Best Rugs for Cat Reviews

So, the following 7 rugs are what we consider to be some of the most functional mats in the market right now. Do not miss a single one, lest you miss out on the best match for you!

SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug

SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug
SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug Design

There is simply no comparison to the Ripple Rug when it comes to topping any top choices list. When you get a mat that lets your cat play with it as much as it wants, it has to be the first choice anyway.

What makes the Ripple Rug stand out is its unique transformable shape. You can try out any shape you want on it to prove it more and more attractive to your pet. This carpet comes with two different layers for it to achieve the best positioning on the floor.

The bottom layer is designed with a non-slip coating to prevent the set up from slipping when your little pal is storming on it. And the top layer has a few touchpoints that allow you to attach on the bottom one or even within the top one to give it diverse shapes.

Probably the most exciting part of this carpet is the numerous holes in it. Your cat can hide, sneak, stretch paws through the holes to have some of the precious times of its day.

And most importantly, this polyester fiber-made carpet is a perfect scratching surface for your cat to groom its nails! Now keep your furniture safe and sound from the Cat-Attack!

  • Made with double-layer mats for robust build-up
  • Touchpoints allow you to give the rug different shapes
  • Built from polyester fibers for softness
  • Numerous holes for the cat to play around
  • Fabric works more like clothes and is subject to regular wash

M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher

M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher
M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher Design

Who doesn’t know cats love sisal mats? In fact, cats do feel really at home when they are surprised with a sisal rug for them to play with.

You can see that most cats use a sisal carpet not only for grooming nails, but also for playing, rubbing body, and even sleeping. This tells a lot about their mat preference, for sure!

M&MKPET scratcher is a perfect solution for those cat owners who are sick and tired of their cat deforming their furniture. Just get one, lie it on the ground, and see the reaction your pet gives. Anyone looking for the best rugs for cat owners should get some hints here!

Stitched from natural woven sisal, this mat is a total rigid production. It comes with more durability on its part and better resistance against catty-scratches on it. Thanks to the high-density sewing machine lockring, it could never get sturdier.

Another good news for you to release that sigh of relief off your face is its anti-slip epoxy latex design. No matter how hard your kitty is going on it, it will stay wherever you place it. Don’t get surprised to see your little fellow lie down on it like a lazy kitten! It’s that comfortable, as well!

  • Comfortable and durable build-up
  • Non-slipping design
  • Made from natural sisal
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Comes with high-density sewing machine lockring
  • Sisal has a strong chemical odor that is hard to get adjusted to

FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat

FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat
FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat Design

Trying to alter the natural instinct of your cat can backfire. That’s why a sisal-fiber carpet is thought to be the best carpet for cat owners. Your tiny buddy can scratch hours on it without leaving any damage to it.

The FUKUMARU scratcher mat is made from natural sisal fiber to support this natural instinct of your pet. When it says natural, it’s truly natural. The sisal has not been treated with any toxic chemicals. This makes sure that the mat doesn’t harm your cat, and keeps your environment safe from such carpets.

Again, being made from cent percent biodegradable plant-fiber, it does its part for the betterment of the environment. Once you through it out, it will mix up with the soil and eventually degrade entirely.

Is your cat too much playful? If yes, then you should definitely give this mat a try. It comes with anti-skid latex at the bottom of it that increases its weight to prevent slip-offs.

  • constructed with 100% natural sisal fiber
  • Anti-skid latex to prevent it from slipping
  • Fiber is biodegradable for the betterment of the environment
  • Natural look of the mat suits any room and place
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Number of users complained that their cats show no interest in using this mat

Darkyazi Cat Scratching Mat

Darkyazi Cat Scratching Natural Mat
Darkyazi Cat Scratching Natural Mat Design

Still looking for the best kitten carpet? As we continue to explore sisal-fiber made mats, we come across another champ on this field — the Darkyazi scratching mat.

This one, too, is made from completely biodegradable and entirely natural sisal fabric. If you choose to throw it out in the mud, it will eventually be absorbed by the soil and used as fertilizer!

Being rugged and strong in shape, this carpet is tough for the cats to deform. It’s going to give humans a tough time to deform and damage it, too! That tells a lot about how robust it is.

To train up your cat in using this mat, you can try putting a bit of catnip on. It will immediately trigger its natural sense of scratching.

Preventing the mat from skidding is tough challenge producers need to address. In this case, Darkyazi may have dealt with it pretty impressively. With rubbery-forged bumps at the bottom of the carpet, it’s not an easy job for a kitty to move it from its place.

  • Made from natural sisal fiber
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Biodegradable material aids environmental balance
  • Bottom rubber bumps for preventing slipping
  • Tough to deform
  • Difficult to keep it firm on the tiles floor

M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratch 25.6 X 15.7 INCH

M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Mat
M&MKPET Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Mat Design

If you had fallen for the M&MKPET sisal scratch mat that we discussed before, there’s no reason you won’t like this.

The only catch here is the size. Instead of a 25.6 by 25.6-inch size, this one comes a bit of shorter on the length. Reducing the length to 15.7-inch makes it a perfect choice for those who plan to use it as a doormat.

Apart from that, this one is a truly natural sisal-fiber product. Your cat is going to have the most natural grooming feeling ever on it. It doesn’t allow deep dip of nails and paws, but it surely satisfies your cat’s instinct to sharpen its nails.

Having high-density sewing machine locking is a plus for the carpet to stay put on the ground. Even if your cat is getting rough on it, it’s very much unlikely to move. That’s why it’s a perfect fit for a welcome doormat.

  • Perfect size to be used as a doormat
  • Natural sisal fiber doesn’t come with toxic chemicals
  • Easy to clean off dust and fur
  • Anti-slip latex design
  • Allows to wash it with water
  • Tends to fold up a bit while pets scratch it hard

Ikea Cat Scratching Mat

Ikea Cat Scratching Mat
Ikea Cat Scratching Mat Design

Okay, you have reached here. That means you are still looking for something unique and different. Well, guess what? We have got it for you.

Many cats simply don’t want to stay on a flat mat. The reason? Well, it’s still a mystery to humankind! The mighty cat’s wish, you can bet!

If your little prince or princes belongs to this group of pets, you need to adopt something more in line with their natural movement. That’s where Ikea Cat Scratching Mat comes into play.

This unique mat can be easily folded and transformed into a scratching tree for your cat. The only suitable place for this is the table legs! It’s common that cats try to rub against a stand more often. Wrapping a stand with such a mat will clearly be a mood-changer for the pet!

It works perfectly for your kitty to keep its natural instincts intact as it is made from 50% sisal and 50% jute Hemming tape. Again, wrapping this one around a table leg is one of the easiest tasks you have ever done.

  • Foldable mat for custom use
  • Can be wrapped around table legs
  • Made from sisal and jute hemming tape
  • Suitable for attracting cats
  • Strong sewn-in straps for attachment
  • Bit of slippery if used in a flattened position

POPETPOP Cat Scratcher Mat

POPETPOP Cat Scratcher Mat Sisal Cat Scratching Carpet Pad
POPETPOP Cat Scratcher Mat Sisal Cat Scratching Carpet Pad Design

We wrap our quest for the best rugs for cats who scratch with the POPETPOP scratcher mat. This one is a rather small-sized mat that is suitable for medium-sized cats.

But being a compact mat doesn’t mean it should be less useful! In fact, this carpet is designed in such a way that attracts any cats of any shape and size! It uses a simple funny feather feature for such attraction.

The feathers are attached at different corners and the middle of the mat, that appears to be quite interesting to your kitty. It will follow its natural drive to play with the feathers immediately.

Being made from sisal hemp fiber, the carpet is one of the most durable ones in the market. No matter how rough and tough your cat goes over it, it will resist scratch and tear quite impressively.

  • Strong mat made from natural sisal hemp
  • Can be folded and stored easily
  • Durable and scratch-resistant carpet
  • Includes funny feathers for added attraction
  • Doesn’t come with anti-skid latex design
  • Tends to fold up a bit while pets scratch it hard

Things to Look for Before Choosing Rugs for Cats

If you don’t know what features you need to look for before buying a rug for cats, chances are, you’ll end up buying the wrong rug. To make sure you don’t end up buying something you don’t want for your cat, roll your eyes on the features you need to consider.

Natural Fiber Is a Must

The carpet should be made from natural fiber. For these types of rugs, sisal fiber seems to be the best choice. It is hard to pull out and also supports the scratching sensation of a cat. Also, the sisal fiber is bio-degradable, so it’s naturally healthy for your cat, as well.

Anti-Skid Design Is Preferable

What happens when your pet plays on the carpet, is it tries to drag or move it from one place to another. This sure does make the whole living room messy enough to rip your hair off. That’s why make sure the mat has an anti-skid design to keep it firm on the ground.

Easy to Clean and Store

It’s going to be really a mess if you can’t easily wash and clean the mat. Most carpets can be cleaned by just dusting off. Make sure you find one like that. As for storage, foldable rugs helps a lot in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do cats scratch furniture?

A: It’s an instinct of the cats to do so. They need to sharpen and groom their claws every now and then. Scratching is the only way they can do it.

Q: Is sisal fiber biodegradable?

A: Yes, sisal fiber is a natural plant fiber that can be degraded in the soil if left unused for a long time.

Q: Can scratching mats be folded?

A: Not all carpets can be folded. However, a lot of brands are now producing foldable scratching mats.

Q: Can a cat sleep on a scratching mat?

A: Most of the scratching rugs are designed to be multifunctional. So, yes, a cat can scratch, play, rest, and sleep on a scratching mat.

Q: How to attract a cat in using a scratching mat?

A: You can use funny feathers or use catnip on the mat to lure your cat in using the rug.

Final Words

Preventing cats from sharpening their claws is going against nature. It won’t bring any good. But bypassing this habit into something harmless and less messy is a priceless step.

Owning the best rugs for cats can be the ultimate solution in this regard. We hope you have got a clear idea of how to get a scratching carpet for your pet. Share us your thought. Which one did you like, and why? We would be glad to get feedback from you!

Happy petting!