6 Best Neck Strip for Barber Shop Reviews of 2022

Do you know why that guy comes back to your shop again and again? Because he knows that you can give him the best hairstyle like no one. You give him a comfy chair to sit in, a perfect atmosphere, and, most importantly, the perfect style.

Best Neck Strip for Barber Shop

Imagine one day; suddenly he started to feel like choking when you were preparing him to get him a new hairstyle. Oh no! The neck strip seems too small for his big neck. Well, that’s what happens when you forget to get the best neck strip for your clients.

Want to get your hands on the perfect neck strip? I’m here with the top 6.

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Image Total Strips Size Price
Juvale Juvale Neck Strips 500 2.4
Noverlife Noverlife Paper Neck Strips A lot 2.6
ForPro ForPro Premium Neck Strips 720 2.5
Diane Diane Cloth Neck Strips 36 2
Sanek Sanek Neck Strips 2880 2
Sanek Wrapp-it Jr. Neck and Styling Strips 30 2.5

6 Best Neck Strip for Barber Shop Reviews

So after hours of research, I’ve come up with these neck strips that are running superbly in the market while customers are loving them as well. Check the reviews to know all the details.

Juvale Barber Neck Strips for Haircutting

Do you really want to lose that extra tip from the client just by giving him a neck strip that’ll give him the taste of suffocation? I don’t think so. But if you want to grab that tip, then don’t even think about anything less than the Neck Strips from Juvale. Let me tell you why.

Juvale Neck Strips
Juvale Neck Strips Design

Juvale doesn’t forget what you’re paying for – the comfort and ease. So buckle up to get both this time. These harmful chemical-free, comfortable strips will grab each of the loose hair before it goes into the collar and causes discomfort to your clients.

Even the perspiration can’t cross the neckline once you tag them on it. Do you really think that you need to worry anymore about your sweaty clients? Doesn’t seem so.

That’s not only it. They’ll also suck up every drip that’ll try to pass through. There’re tons of liquids you’re going to use in waxing jobs, facial, or any other hair services. These strips ain’t going to let them be your next spoiler for sure. Now tell me how’d your clients feel uncomfortable if these won’t even let that happen?

As Juvale made the strips amazingly soft, no one can even feel if you’ve tied a strip on their neck or not. Like your gentle touch, these strips will imitate the same feeling on their skin. Moreover, with the perfect measurement of  2.4” x 11”, almost none of those necks can resist to fit in for sure.

As a professional, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to waste. So, you need things quickly and easily — keeping that in mind, Juvale not only made it easy to use but dispose of as well.

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  • Highly convenient to use
  • Fits most of the people
  • Requires no hassle in disposing
  • Perfectly comfortable on the neck
  • Might not fit some people

Noverlife Disposable Barber Paper Neck Strips

‘You can have any color as long as it’s black’. If you’re also a fan of this quote of Henry Ford, then I’m pretty much sure that you’ll love the paper neck strips from Noverlife too. It’s because they come in black as well, one of your favorite colors. But color is the only part that can make you fall in love with it.

Noverlife Paper Neck Strips
Noverlife Paper Neck Strips Design

It all starts with the look, though, but performance speaks louder than colors. To keep the comfort level on its peak, these sanitary neck strips come with an extra touch of softness.

But that doesn’t mean Noverlife ignored making it perfectly absorbent to perspiration and drips. There’s no way the loose hair can pass once they fall on it, just the way you would’ve expected in the best barber neck strips.

Wait a minute, who said anything about it not being stretchy enough? Well, its superior stretch feature is going to leave any professionals like you awestruck with its secure and tight wrap. But it’ll do it without causing any discomfort to your customers.

How would you know how thick the neck of your next customer will be? A simple answer to that is — you can’t. So, these perforated neck strip rolls are made with an accurate width of 2.6” and length of 14.5”. And thick necks? In that case, why Noverlife made it stretchable up to 24.5”? You’re guessing it right, I guess.

As these are of a single-use design, you can use them once and get rid of them easily right after you’re done with them. That also saves your customers from the chances of cross-contamination. By the way, they’re perfectly economical for you too. So, if you get them, you’re ultimately saving your own bucks.

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  • One time use and easy to dispose
  • Easy to stretch to almost any neck size
  • Fits perfectly with a tight wrap
  • Comparatively more economical
  • Prevents any cross-contamination
  • Number of strips is not specified

ForPro Premium Neck Strips

Isn’t it quite normal if some loose hairs fall into your customer’s shirt? But that ‘quite normal’ might be enough to irritate him or her for the whole day, and that’s not what they’ve paid you for. So, if you really don’t want to let that happen, then just grab the Premium neck strips from ForPro.

ForPro Premium Neck Strips
ForPro Premium Neck Strips Design

ForPro has left to stone unturned to push these neck strips to the level of perfection. They know what a pro like you look for in the best, and they’ve put it all here. The softness, absorption, flexibility – you just name it, and it’s there!

Looking for your customer’s comfort? Well, each of the strips in this package holds a ton of it. After all, the first thing the manufacturer has focused on is the material. Its ultra-soft tissue with a high absorption rate will make it feel like you’ve tied a piece of feather around their neck.

Just the way a strong goalie on the goal bar grabs each of the shots, this one won’t spare any perspiration or drips in the same way. And the loose hair? There’s no way for them to escape this bad boy.

But what about it fitting all the necks? FYI, these strips are made for professional use at salons and barbershops. So, count that in too with its 2.5” x 16.5” size. Along with that, the perforated strips are super easy to use and remove.

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  • Perfectly comfortable around the neck
  • Fits to almost any neck size
  • Comes with a high absorption rate
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Made of ultra-soft tissue
  • Single strip might not cover too thick necks

Diane Terry Cloth Neck Strips

Seems the old school hasn’t lost its appeal yet. Otherwise, why Diane would’ve thought of coming up with something like their amazing cloth neck strips? If you’re just too bored with the regular strip rolls and looking for something more comfortable for your customers, then Diane’s here to have your back.

Diane Cloth Neck Strips
Diane Cloth Neck Strips Design

Cloth has always beaten tissues on the battle of comfort, and things have not changed a bit with Diane’s neck strips too. These cloth neck strips are made of cotton, that’ll get the customer feel of your extra care. They’re amazingly comfortable and don’t even bother the skin too.

Anyway, have you checked the monthly bill lately? Is the number on the neck strips bill bothering you? It’s because you haven’t thought of something reusable as these neck strips. Without filling up your bin, now you can just wash them and make them good as new to use again.

Don’t worry, from loose hair to drips – it can deal with any of them. Diane has kept the absorbency power so high that you won’t even have a chance to complain about that.

One pack of these strips hold 36 of them. You might run out of customers, but these ain’t going to run out. Wash them, dry them up, and they’ll be ready to deal with all your customers once again.

  • Highly comfortable to use
  • Fits the neck easily and perfectly
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Can be used several times
  • Comes with high absorbancy power
  • Don’t fit necks of every size

Sanek Neck Strips Master Case

Have you ever asked your customers how they rate your service? I think you already know most of the criteria, but do you know that the neck stripes you use also come in that rating? Senak knows that how using the right strips matters. So, they’ve brought their own Premium neck strips to help you out there.

Sanek Neck Strips
Sanek Neck Strips Design

If you’ll have a glance over them you’ll understand all by yourself that how soft and premium material Senak has used on this one. As you want to get your client nothing but the best of your service, it’ll give them all the comfort in the world. And on the question of convenience, they’re super easy to use and remove.

I’m pretty much sure that your customer won’t stick to hair cutting only. They’ll need tons of other services as well like coloring and treatments. As you’ll need some help from different liquids there, these strips will be ready to absorb any of the drips.

With their highly absorbent tissue, they don’t only suck up the perspiration and drips. It’ll be impossible for the loose hair to pass through them too. Now even if your customer comes to you with a sweaty mode, the Senak strips can easily keep up with them.

You usually look at the size of the customer’s hair, not at the size of their neck. Senak doesn’t want you to worry about that either. So, they’ve made it perfectly stretchy to fit almost any neck with any size. All you need to do is wrap it up. As these are economical, you won’t even have to break the bank to buy them.

  • Convenient to use and dispose
  • Made of soft and premium material
  • Economical from the cost perspective
  • Comes with great absorption ability
  • Perfectly comfortable and fits easily
  • Might not fit everyone

Wrapp-it Jr. Neck & Styling Strips

Don’t freak out, but yes, it’s true that your customers judge you on everything you do for them. Unfortunately, that includes the neck strips you’re using as well. So if you don’t want to fall on their bad side, then you should always go for the one like the Neck & Styling Strips of Wrapp-it Jr.

Wrapp-it Jr. Neck and Styling Strips

Let me tell you why I’m suggesting this one. Indeed you grab a roll of strips to make it all super easy for you. Well, these super stretchy strips are so easy to use that you can compare it to putting a ring on your finger. The same goes for the disposal part as well.

Besides, it can fit all the neck sizes, which obviously is a plus for you and your customers. And trust me on this, these neck strips won’t chock them like the typical ones do. After all, they’re paying you to be their stylist, not their choker.

Like any of your best strips, the liquid absorption capacity on this one probably will amaze you equally. Along with sucking up all the sweats and drips, it’ll catch up every bit of the loose hair that’ll try to pass it.

If you’re bored with your white neck strips, then here’s the good news for you. You can have it in both black and white. Now it’s on you which color you’re going to pick first.

  • Highly convenient to use and dispose
  • Catches loose hair easily
  • Absorbs all the drips and sweats
  • Amazingly flexible in every way
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Number of strips is unspecified

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the problem with less stretchy neck strips?

A: Not everyone comes with the same neck size. So, you just can’t stick to a single one. Moreover, when you go for hair treatments, you might have to tie them up on the forehead as well. So, the size on that part will need some extra inches too. That’s why it’s better to be stretchy.

Q: Is using washable neck strips more economical?

A: To a certain extent, they are. But if you want things to be less hassling for you, then the single-use one is still ahead on that race.

Q: Which one to choose to prevent cross-contamination?

A: As contagious diseases are nothing new these days, you better use the disposable neck strips. They eliminate the chance of cross-contamination as you won’t be using the same one for other customers.

Q: What to do if one single strap doesn’t cover a neck?

A: You can use two if one is not enough for the neck you’re trying to wrap. That’s why you should always pick the more stretchy one. It can save you from wasting a strip.

Q: Can the chemical used in neck strips harm the skin?

A: No, they can’t. Usually, manufacturers use harmless chemicals as these strips are meant to be used on skins.

Final Words

Being a professional means, you need to give it your best every time possible. That includes maximizing your customer’s comfort too. As you’re responsible for that when they’re sitting on your chair, you should serve them with the best neck strip falls in that list too.

You’ve so far seen the bests, and I don’t think you’re going to have any problem in finding out your right one anymore.