4 Best Huck Towels For Medical or Sensitive Cleaning of 2022

Huck towels are fairly popular due to their quality, which guarantees medical staff will have safe cleaning cloths to perform maintenance on delicate surgical equipment. However, did you know that these towels are great for purposes other than cleaning medical supplies?

Best Huck Towels

For example, you could use them to clean windshields of vehicles, mirrors, glasses, and more. You can even use them as a bath towel to keep your accessories in good condition! You can also check our bath towel article.

That’s why, today, we’re reviewing the best huck towels available. Continue reading to find out why these cleaning cloths are a good investment.

Image Material Size Color Price
Towels by
Doctor Joe
Towels By Doctor Joe New Surgical Huck Towel Cotton 16
MHF MHF Super Absorbent Lint Free Cotton Huck Towels Cotton 16
Arkwright Huck Towels Window Cleaning Cotton 16

Atlas Atlas Lint Free Huck Towels Cotton 16

Best Huck Towels Review

The next products are the Huck towels worthy of your money. If you’re not clear how to pick them, check out our next section, where we discuss the features to consider before the purchase.

Towels By Doctor Joe New Surgical Huck Towel

The twelve towels included in this package are available in different colors, including green, blue, pink, yellow, and orange. Each piece measures 16×25-inch, and you can use them to clean windshields, windows, and mirrors.

Towels By Doctor Joe New Surgical Huck Towel
Towels By Doctor Joe Huck Towel

By featuring long-staple cotton, these towels manage to pick up almost everything; Dust, dirt, grease, residue, and many more contaminants. Also, if you use them to soak water, the high absorbency will not disappoint.

The towels are reusable, although their durability is questionable. When compared to other huck towels, you’ll notice these are thinner, and there are high chances of the threading coming loose.

On the other hand, the colors do hold up pretty well. Even after many washing cycles, there won’t be any bleeding or fading at all. It may not seem like a big deal, but that’s a minor advantage that people appreciate.

Despite their poor woven quality, these towels are still good for a variety of purposes, as we mentioned above. Each towel works fine as a car towel as long as you’re well aware of its flaws.

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  • Available in many colors.
  • Long-staple cotton build.
  • High absorbency.
  • Reusable set of towels.
  • Twelve towels included.
  • Thin design.
  • Threading comes loose regularly.

MHF Super Absorbent Lint Free Cotton Huck Towels

If twelve towels weren’t enough, how about fifty of them? That’s the amount our next pick offers, which is a lot more than some people may need for maintenance tasks. The dimensions are 16×24-inch, which is slightly smaller than the previous towels but not by much.

MHF Super Absorbent Lint Free Cotton Huck Towels
MHF Super Absorbent Cotton Huck Towels

Even though there are many towels, their quality is not poor. Surprisingly enough, they perform at a good level, absorbing water quickly and efficiently. As for dust, the towels did pick it up effectively, providing the same pleasant results while picking grease and debris.

The material used to produce these towels is pure cotton. Not only is it highly absorbent as mentioned above, but also quite versatile. Despite being put through many maintenance tasks and cleaning up strong substances, the towels have met most of the expectations successfully.

So, where did the towels fail? Unfortunately, they don’t do well in the washing machine. After getting them out, you’ll notice that their condition deteriorates each time.

  • The set includes fifty towels.
  • Versatile towels work well for car, kitchen, or bathroom maintenance.
  • High absorbency.
  • Cotton construction ensures efficiency for every task.
  • These towels suffer noticeable deterioration during each washing cycle.

Arkwright Surgical Huck Cleaning Towels

People looking for the best quality Huck towels have to take a closer look at this set. Although there aren’t many towels like other packages, these are still twelve towels of the highest quality, capable of delivering an incredible performance regardless of the task you put them through.

Arkwright Huck Towels Window Cleaning
Arkwright Huck Towels

The towels in this package measure 16×26-inch and they’re available in beautiful colors for you to choose from. Undoubtedly, the combed long-staple cotton is the best the towels provide, as the woven yarn maintains the fibers in good shape to prevent any issue.

Absorbency is also good. While using these towels, you will be able to soak a lot of water with only a few wipes over the surface. Other than water, the fiber will collect dust, debris, and stronger elements like grease.

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The weight of the towels could be controversial. Old customers have different opinions, with some saying they feel too lightweight, while others say the towels feel right on their hands.

  • High-quality cotton ensures an incredible performance.
  • Beautiful colors available.
  • High absorbency and durability.
  • Softness.
  • These towels may be unpleasantly lightweight for some people.

Atlas Lint Free Huck Towels

The final set of Huck towels we’re reviewing contains 24 pieces, although you have the opportunity to choose more or less. You also get to decide the color, as they are either blue or white. Each item measures 16×26-inch, a rather standard size that it’s not that different from the rest.

Atlas Lint Free Huck Towels
Atlas Huck Towels

If there’s something that might impress you while using these towels, it is the fact that they don’t leave any residue over the surface. Use them to soak water or clean dirt, and the result will be a spotless surface with no streaks or watermarks ruining the finish.

However, you’ll quickly notice that these towels don’t absorb too much water before they’re wet completely.

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Because of their good performance, the towels are good to remove fingerprints off the surface, as well as water spots and smudges. For washing, always separate the Huck towels with similar colors and tumble dry. The fabric is durable, meaning there’s no issue using the washer.

  • No unraveling after washing.
  • 24 towels included in this pack, with the option to buy more or less.
  • After wiping, the towels don’t leave streaks over the surface.
  • Available in colors blue and white.
  • Not much absorbency.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Consider the next information as you take a look at our reviews. It will help you choose the right Huck towel set for your purposes.

Cotton huck Towel


Most Huck towels feature pure cotton as their main construction material. Such fiber is capable of performing efficiently, providing pleasant results by leaving a clean surface afterward.

Also, cotton makes for a great lint free towel, which is an advantage to clean windshields, glass, and mirrors because there’s no residue left once you finish.

Reliability huck Towel


Huck towels are popular cleaning cloths to perform maintenance at the bathroom, kitchen, car interiors, and more. A durable towel guarantees that you’ll be able to reuse it multiple times, making the purchase an investment that you won’t regret making.

Absorbency huck Towel


Any bathroom or kitchen towel must deliver high absorbency to leave a shiny surface after cleaning over it. Again, cotton is one of the most satisfactory materials when it comes to absorbency because it is capable of soaking plenty of water rather quickly.

huck Towel set

Amount of Towels

Do you need ten, twelve, or perhaps fifty Huck towels? While you search for your ideal pick, check how many towels does each package offer. If you’re a professional worker that uses towels regularly, having more would be an advantage for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material do they use to make Huck towels?

A: Cotton is the material manufacturers use while producing these towels.

Q: What can I clean with Huck towels?

A: You can use the Huck towel for a variety of purposes. It works to clean cars, mirrors, and you can use it as a window cleaning cloth, among many other things.

Additionally, Huck towels are often regular cleaning cloths you can find in medical facilities.

Q: How to wash Huck towels?

A: Use half of what you’d normally use for washing. During the process, avoid adding fabric softener, as it may reduce the towel’s absorbency. Dryer sheets are not good either.

Q: Why are they called Huck towels?

A: “Huck” is a reference to the weave style used to make the fabric. You should also know that people often call them surgical towels, and that’s because you can often find these towels in medical facilities.

If that’s why you want them, make sure they’re safe to use in such environments first.

Q: Are Huck towels expensive?

A: Not really. Huck towels are often quite affordable, even with tight budgets. Better yet, for a considerably low price, you’ll get not one, but many of them.

Final Words

Best Huck towels are cleaning supplies that we often don’t know we needed. Their quality is off the charts, delivering outstanding performance to leave surfaces brand new.