Best Jute Rugs of 2022 Review with Buying Guide

After a hectic and busy day, all that your body needs is a soothing relaxation. At this point, most may be thinking about a bed or sofa to melt the body down. But little do we give ear to the silent scream of our feet!

Yes, your feet deserve relaxation, too! And the best way to attain that nirvana, try dripping your sore feet into the best jute rug you can manage. Why jute rug, you ask?

Well, jute rugs are comfortable to your feet and add an unparalleled artistic look to your rooms. However, you must use the best one possible, without a doubt.

So, here’s our little piece on some of the most useful jute rugs we believe should make way to your floor. Take a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

Best Jute Rugs

10 Best Jute Rugs Reviews

We dug really deep to locate 10 of the most promising jute rugs in the market. Furthermore, we kept a close look at the design, comfort, durability, and build-quality while choosing these options. Let’s find out!

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Rug

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Rug
nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Rug Design

Designers at nuLOOM do not think floor coverings and paintings should be mutually exclusive. The designs of Nuloom infuse our experience in creating high-quality floor coverings with our love for the beauty and creativity of nature.

Founded with a desire to challenge limits and crack the norms of what is expected from an area rug, nuLOOM was created to fill the gap between genius design and affordability.

The jute rug is designed with love and care since rugs made by hand bear the essence of the craftsmen who made them. That piece is marked by subtle yet individual differences that make it unique to your carpet. The 6′ round jute rug has the right combination of elegance and toughness.

You can put this one in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or hallway. It has a reasonable price for a jute rug, plus it’s smoother compared to the typical jute rugs in the market.

This brings some energy and light to formal antique-filled spaces. It serves as a friendly backdrop to contemporary rooms.

  • Made from 100% natural jute
  • Completely handmade production
  • Has the perfect global look and feel
  • Blends with any space in your house
  • Comes with solid natural color
  • Requires professional cleaning

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Off White Jute Rug

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Off White Jute Rug
nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Rug Design

This jute and natural fiber rug can offer simple elegance at home, and it is the perfect blend of design and versatility. In the lower-traffic areas of your house, jute rugs fit well, such as office, living space, dens, and dining room.

NuLOOM Jute Rug provides the most excellent possible build for good quality floors. It consists of 100 % natural jute fiber, all made in India. It has got a 4′ round shape, presented in off white color.

The bottom prevents the fabrics from weakening, which allows the rug to split up so that it can last longer. They can be conveniently mounted in any system.

Moreover, the tiles are perfect for an environment where accident-prone kids or pets experience heavy traffic — if you break a tile, you can quickly delete it and repair it. With a cleaning solvent, the adhesive would be easy to scrub from the concrete.

  • Crafted from 100% jute material
  • Product is imported from India
  • Stylish design and has longevity
  • Easy to clean and get rid of dust
  • Elegant feeling of natural fiber
  • Bit on a less sturdy side

nuLOOM Natural Hand Woven Jute Rug

nuLOOM Natural Hand Woven Jute Rug
nuLOOM Natural Hand Woven Jute Rug Design

These jute rugs are the ideal mix of elegance and versatility, allowing you to bring effortless luxury to your home.

Furthermore, the jute rug, which consists of a braided weave, provides the ultimate relaxed, marine, farmhouse, or global look. This rug can be incorporated in an established range in a reliable, neutral hue.

The best part of this floor mat is its crafting process. Made from a solid handmade method, you can enjoy the elegance and durability of handmade craft at the same time. No wonder it converts a dull room into a scenic beauty without exaggeration.

But this perk comes with a catch. It’s not at all a good idea to wash it up with water or even spray. Rather, just dusting off the dirt will do good in cleaning it. Try avoiding vacuuming, as well.

The nuLOOM Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug brings a classic touch to your room when preserving or covering old, worn-out walls. Its contemporary décor has light, complementary rug hues that offer a fresh look that will easily spice your house and cover your floors that provide your feet a relaxing treat.

However, the subtle fading style of the mid area is enough to spice your home. The rug is made using a handcrafted process.

  • Made from cent percent jute
  • Completely handmade by expert craftsmen
  • Creates a perfect casual look for any space in the house
  • Affordable pricing for everyone
  • Quite strong and robust build-up
  • Shrinks every time when washed

Rivet Contemporary Striated Aegean Blue Jute Rug

Rivet Contemporary Striated Aegean Blue Jute Rug
Rivet Contemporary Striated Aegean Blue Jute Rug Design

Sustainability and longevity are what these Amazon Brand-Rivet natural fiber rugs represent. It was hand-woven by the thick jute fibers that give your foot comfort and help your body.

This rug comes with a plain weave design that can mix well with your existing home decor. It’s a perfect match for rooms that see foot traffic of medium to high density. Its durable build-up and the rough surface can withstand such pressure, no matter how hard you are planning to go on it.

Another plus from this rug is the cleaning process. Unlike most fancy mat that we generally use on our floors, this kind of carpet comes with an easy to clean system. Whether you opt for dry-up cleaning or simple spray-cleaning, it has all the provisions reserved.

Additionally, the producers offer a pairing rug pad with this one that you need to spend extra bucks on. But if you are not on a tight budget, it seems to be a smart deal, given that a pairing rug pad will increase the friction and keep it stay put on the ground even more naturally.

You can add an informal feel and a comfortable look at your home office, under the coffee table, or at home.

  • This one is quite easy to clean
  • Jute rug is paired with a rug pad
  • Shipped in a protective bag
  • Soft without sacrificing durability
  • Wool begins to shed after a certain period

VHC 9807 Classic Flooring Farmhouse Jute Stars Rug

VHC 9807 Classic Flooring Farmhouse Jute Stars Rug
VHC 9807 Classic Flooring Farmhouse Jute Stars Rug Design

VHC jute rugs are a perfect way to add texture to your flooring or room decor. Most rugs are either woven or braided, with our durable, 100 percent jute rugs being a common type. A value-added touch too many of our rugs is a latex backrest that prevents them from sliding.

The VHC 9807 Rug is undoubtedly a favorite of all the lower-budget choices we reviewed. It’s one of the cheapest rugs we went through, and it’s better than other rugs at a comparable size.

It can immediately make a living room or bedroom feel more homey and comfortable without costing you much.

Moreover, it is a little cushy but not pillow-comfortable. Some online customers believe it’s a decent buy. Some see it as an unbelievable quality rug, while others say it’s soft and fuzzy.

  • Design of the carpet is an exceptional one
  • Durable build-up indicates quality craftsmanship
  • Luxurious feeling underfoot, especially when barefoot
  • Sink-in comfort after a tiresome walk
  • Contemporary pattern
  • A strong manufacturing odor emits from the mat

Stone & Beam Contemporary Textured Jute Rug

Stone & Beam Contemporary Textured Jute Rug
Stone & Beam Contemporary Textured Jute Rug Design

The Stone & Beam Natural Fiber Collection provides rugs in a range of sizes and types. Starting from organic and biodegradable jute, sisal, and seagrass – you got it all.

Options vary from small 5-feet ones to more extensive region rugs up to 8-feet full. Each one is made with traditional woven or flat weave designs, with some handmade and some power-loomed.

For a modern minimalist feel, this rug is reversible and borderless and fits well for a range of decorative styles, including an urban, relaxed, farmhouse, coastal and bohemian. In India, they appear to be handmade by craftsmen, though some Safavieh listings also say that these rugs are power-loomed (machine-made).

Power-loomed carpets seem to be a little less sturdy than woven rugs of the highest quality. But these are usually less expensive; when it comes to rugs, you get what you pay for in this situation.

Since these rugs are made of natural jute fabrics, these may feel a little rough, which is a bit knobbly and maybe a bit painful to walk, stand, or lay on.

  • Crafted with 100% natural fiber
  • Beautiful and exceptional texture
  • Fade-resistant build-up prevents fading
  • Shade-resistant design
  • Easy to clean up with less effort
  • Hard to remove crease on this one

Safavieh Natural Thick Chunky Textured Jute Rug

Safavieh Natural Thick Chunky Textured Jute Rug
Safavieh Natural Thick Chunky Textured Jute Rug Design

The rug is available in various colors. It is a natural rug, and it is smart to unroll it outside and give it a light vacuum before placing it to avoid any remaining dust and debris in fibers. It’s smart to use a rug pad underneath to prevent slippage, shield the floors from fabric scratching, and collect dust and debris.

It is crafted with 4-inch braided tassels on both ends and is the ideal complement to the elegant casual floor covering. A neutral color scheme means that this tap can be easily incorporated with established furniture.

Furthermore, it is crafted with love and affection, and homemade tapes bear the essence of the craftsmen who created them. Each piece is distinguished by small yet distinct distinctions that make the recordings distinctive.

As part of its architecture, the nuLOOM Natura features a stunning decorative rim, but it should be remembered that this knotted fringe is relatively fragile, so you do not want to show it to a lot of traffic. And it might be worth its relaxed beauty.

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Rich nature jute effect on the entire design
  • High-quality material and durable build-up
  • Easy to vacuum and clean off the dust
  • Unfortunately, it tends to slip on wood flooring

Stone & Beam Dark Navy Braided Jute Rug

Stone & Beam Dark Navy Braided Jute Rug
Stone & Beam Dark Navy Braided Jute Rug Design

The contemporary stone & beam has a medium pile that brings texture to any room. It should look amazing practically everywhere with its reasonably straightforward pattern, although its close weave makes sure it can stand up to foot traffic.

Moreover, it has a reasonable price for a jute rug, so it’s smoother than we put our hands on the other budget wool rugs. It can immediately make a living room or bedroom feel homier and more comfortable without costing you much.

It is a little cushy but not pillow-comfortable. Whereas the white lines will reveal a stain more clearly than the red, they are thin, and a slight difference of color from mud won’t stand out as readily as it will on a white area rug. The super-low pile is made of 100% jute — which makes it easy to clean this rug with a towel.

  • Comes with a stain-resistant build-up
  • Mat doesn’t shade over a long period
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Uses high-quality fabric
  • Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner
  • Coloring can vary when served in real

The LR Resources Natural 6 ft Jute Rug

The LR Resources Natural 6 ft Jute Rug
The LR Resources Natural 6 ft Jute Rug Design

This jute rug is perfect for sitting under a round table or coffee table in the dining room. Use it on a dark wood board, as an accent rug. The stunning, natural color gives the classic and understated style a casual feel to any room. Enjoy the comfortable feeling it has on your bare feet.

Add this beautiful jute rug to any place where you want to reflect on natural elements in your room. The mat features a neutral hue that perfectly combines with almost every furniture or paint scheme.

You can quickly incorporate underfoot softness and elegance. Apart from this, it comes with braided jute construction, which naturally exhibits anti-static, insulating, and moisture control properties.

  • Rich in vibrant colors
  • Contemporary yet classic styling
  • Versatility for any room in the house
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Robust and sturdy build-up
  • Fibers can come loose after rigorous use

VHC Celeste Solid Color Farmhouse Flooring Jute Rug

VHC Celeste Solid Color Farmhouse Flooring Jute Rug
VHC Celeste Solid Color Farmhouse Flooring Jute Rug Design

VHC Brands’ 4 foot by 6 foot Celeste Jute Rug Oval takes its cue from our Natural Jute line to further expand the design of stunning rows of sturdy and circular braided natural jute.

This Celeste Rug is built to be distinct and elegant among almost every decor. The natural jute can be subtly different in tone, generating unique, timeless appeal.

Place this rustic farmhouse rug in the bedroom, bathroom, entrance hall, living room, dining room, or kitchen to provide your home with a splash of textured charm.

Made from 100 % natural jute, this rug brings new, textured appeal to your house. Its braided jute fiber is set in striking rows of circular and solid shapes.

Plus, this thin jute rug perfectly fits a pile height of 0.25 inches when put in front of doors or any area of your house. The light jute muffles the sound and adds a touch of barefoot padding.

The jute rug instantly refreshes every farmhouse, coastal, or agricultural area, with durable natural fibers and elegant design. Stylish, natural texture meets innovative style that doesn’t overshadow the furniture.

This oval 48×72 rug fills your empty floor with fabric and basic style in the dining room, office, or entranceway. It is best to use a non-skid rug cover because this rug has no rubber backrest.

  • Comes with a classic and elegant design
  • Easy to clean off and maintain
  • Crafted from 100% authentic jute
  • Thin pile height allows it to be used on any surface
  • Edges can fray quickly

Jute Rug vs. Sisal Rug

Jute and sisal rugs have a very similar look. Both are natural fibers, and the two rugs are conventional. Nonetheless, if you want one for your house, you need to know about individual variations.

Jute originates from jute plant stalks in India and Bangladesh.Sisals come from an agave genus that is native to Southern Mexico.
Smoother fiber.It’s a more rigid material.
It varies from white to brown and can be dyed to any light.
It has a regular off-white coloring and can be polished to any color.
Since jute is a light fiber, it’s not very durable.
It is one of the most muscular available fibers, which makes it extremely durable.
Jute rugs work well in lighter areas such as dormitories or living rooms.Sisal rugs are suitable for high-traffic areas such as entrances and hallways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you steam clean a jute rug?

A: It’s not necessary to steam a jute rug off. Since jute is likely to hang on to moisture, steaming cleaning may cause the carpet to get moldy or fall apart.

Q: Are jute rugs affordable?

A: They’re inexpensive, which is another reason consumers love them. Yet the quality will vary based on where you purchase the rug from in the available place.

Q: Are jute rugs good for high traffic areas?

A: Jute rugs aren’t suitable for places with elevated activity like a corridor or an entry. It is not as durable as other natural rugs, since it is a lighter material.

Q: Does a jute rug require a pad?

A: For a jute rug, a pad is not needed, but it is a good idea to use one to prevent it from sliding around the carpet anywhere. With the addition of a security layer for the hardwood floors, buyers find another purpose to use a rug cover.

Q: How do you clean a jute rug?

A: Jute rugs are relatively quick to clean; all you need to clear some surface dirt is an essential vacuuming in any direction. Usually, it is enough to vacuum a jute rug only once a week.

Final Words

If you are fond of jute rugs, you must be one of the very few people who look out for aesthetic and classic designs, as well as build quality. It takes a lot of factors to be looked at while getting the best jute rug for your floor.

We believe our selection will help you get to the right point in no time. Tell us what you think. Which one are you planning to decorate your floor with? We will be glad to know!