Best Beach Towel Clips – Chair Clips That You Need (2021 Update)

When you think about the beach, you think about summer, waves, ocean, amazing beach bod and, of course, with all that comes sand. After a long winter, you get excited about visiting the beach, but you do need proper preparation for that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we all faced that annoying moment when we tried to lay the towel in a position, but it won’t just stay! And the next thing you know, all the sand all over your business. You can’t stop the wind, but you can hold the towel. For that, you need the best beach towel clips!

This article is just about that. I have gathered here the top 10 colorful and spectacular beach towel clips of the market. So, without any delay, let’s find out which one’s your favorite!

Best Beach Towel Clips

Why Need Beach Towel Chair Clip?

So, why do you need the beach towel chair clips? Can’t it just stay there on its own? Well, if you know how to control the wind or are extremely lucky, you might not need one. But if you get annoyed by the flapping towel and ‘non-existing’ towel after you come back to your seat, you would love these clips!

They will hold your towel in position while you’re getting that beautiful tan for the trip. Need to get up? Do so without a worry in the world because that towel is going nowhere if you have a beach towel clip.

Not only that, some people even use them to hold wet clothes off the canopy if you’re using one. That’s what I love about these amazing clips! Multitasker!

And can we just talk about how freakishly cute some of these clips are? If I were to use them, I would use them to hold just about everything around the house. And everything is an antique art piece if you’re brave enough! Wink!

Beach Towel Clips That You Need on Beach Trip

On to the review section. So here are my coolest finds on the category that doesn’t only look great but are committed to the task. Below is the list of the top 10 amazing beach towel clips of the market.

O2COOL Flip Flop Boca Portable Towel Clips

Flip Flop BocaClips Beach Towel Holders
Flip Flop BocaClips Beach Towel Holders Design

I would be lying if I told you I didn’t think those are actually flip flops! How cool is that? I love it when things look like other things. These cute pair of flip flop looking towel clips are from BocaClips.

The cute design isn’t the only feature to boast about them. They are a sturdy and well-made pair of beach clips. With strong plastic, they come in various colorful variants. This will hold tight your towel to the deck chairs, and strong wind will lose to take away that precious towel.

And everyone will look twice at those, because, come on! Those are pretty unique! They come in a pair of two per order. The weight is about 1.87 ounces. So, you know they are lightweight yet strongly built for your convenience.

  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Can be used for beach and patio
  • Decorative and cute design
  • Made of plastic so its easily recyclable
  • A bit bigger than you think

O2COOL BCP02 Beach Chair Towel Clip

Alligator Boca Towel Clip
Alligator Boca Towel Clip Design

Here comes another champion if you’re looking for the best beach chair towel clips. These ones from O2COOL are pretty cool if you ask me. They are an amazing addition to your fun and happening beach day with friends.

With Ergonomic handles, these towels clips are way easy to use for the beach bench. Are they too big? Of course not, the dimensions stand at 4.76 x 3.18 x 1.29 inches. So, you are free to throw them in the beach bag at the last moment and call it a day.

The alligator heads aren’t only to serve the eyes. They actually have plastic teeth to hold the towel firmly in place. Why fear those adorable creatures? They don’t always bite! Weighing about 4 ounces, these alligator clips will add almost no extra weight to the beach bag.

  • The alligator heads have teeth for a better grasp
  • Made out of plastic
  • Ergonomic handles for ease of clipping
  • Decorative and cute
  • A bit expensive

Yansanido Plastic Colorful Beach Towel Clips

Yansanido Plastic Colorful Beach Towel Clips
Yansanido Plastic Colorful Beach Towel Clips Design

Looking for the best beach towel chair clips? Yansanido might just have the thing for you with these spectacular beach towel clips.

Each clip is about 4.7 inches in size. Even if your towel or the bench is about the size of your hands, it can still easily clip together the two. How many come in one pack, you ask? 16! Yes, such great value considering that you get 16 clips for the price.

Even though they are made out of plastic, don’t think its made out of just any plastic. Premium quality plastic is used for the clips so that they won’t break easily. Get them to multitask by hanging a wet costume or duvet covers. They can handle the job just fine.

  • Premium quality plastic made
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Opens up wide for heavy towels
  • Can multitask by various means
  • Not enough variety offered

ECROCY Jumbo Size Chair Towel Clips

ECROCY 8 Pack Beach Towel Clips in Bright Colors
ECROCY 8 Pack Beach Towel Clips in Bright Colors Design

This colorful set of beach clips from ECROCY will make your trip to the beach even more exciting. Who doesn’t love a flair of color with their beach carry on? I know I do!

These unique plastic clips are made with premium quality plastic. So, don’t worry about them being flimsy and weak. The frames inside that hold the two shafts of plastic together is made with galvanized steel. Go ahead and play splash with your friends because this baby won’t lose to rust.

They are also huge in size. It doesn’t matter how thick of a towel you’re using because ECROCY has got your back. These clips are a strong contender for the title of best beach towel chair clips. Fantastic value for the money indeed.

  • The inner frame is made with stainless steel
  • Premium quality plastic is used
  • Large clips of 12cm in length
  • Colorful and eye-soothing
  • Not enough variety is offered

JYTEE Beach Towel Clips Chair Cruise Holder

JYTEE Beach Towel Clips Chair Cruise Holder
JYTEE Beach Towel Clips Chair Cruise Holder Design

Behold all the beach lovers, because you are just about to be introduced to the most spectacular beach towel clips ever! The JYTEE clips. These pastel colors just stole my heart, and I’m pretty sure you’re in awe too!

Undoubtedly, these are the must-haves in anyone’s beach bag. And what are these made of? They are made with the strongest PP plastic, which can even withstand the sun’s gorging heat on the beach with ease.

The teeth can open wide, about 2.6 inches. So, don’t break a sweat even if the chairs are unusually bulky. And think about all the possibilities. You don’t have only to use them on the beach; they can be used for various other purposes. Like, to dry your clothes outside, hold things in places and use them even for decor!

JYTEE designed those clip mouths to be anti-slip. While you clamp your towel in place, these clips will make sure they stay right there with a strong clamping force.

  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Colorful and comes in a pack of 6
  • Made with PP plastic for durability
  • The 2.6-inch wide mouth has a strong grasp
  • Some face issue with the spring pooping out

Coideal Stainless Steel Beach Towel Clips

Coideal Beach Towel Clips Clamps Stainless Steel
Coideal Beach Towel Clips Clamps Stainless Steel Design

Best beach chair towel clips are really not that easy to find. Although, if you try hard enough, everything is possible. But thank god you don’t have to. I already did the searching for you and found these stupefying pair of Coideal Beach Towel Clips.

This one is quite different from the other ones on the list. Stainless steel is used for the whole body so that you can be worry-free about them rusting any time soon. Some plastic clips might not be the best idea on a hot summer day as they can melt if not good quality plastic is used. But this one does not have to worry about that.

Even if you are planning to hand those bulky wet clothes, you can do that. And not to mention, clamping your beach towel in place is its forte. As mentioned earlier, these clips are corrosion-proof, so that salty air won’t be doing any harm to these bad boys.

  • Made out of galvanized steel
  • Shiny and eye-catching look
  • Can tolerate the hottest days of summer
  • Strong clamping power for better grip
  • The size can be an issue for some

EigPluy Super Strong Hooks Clip

EigPluy Laundry Hooks Clip
EigPluy Laundry Hooks Clip Design

Innovation is the key to anything in life. You would think what innovation does a beach clip possibly need? Well, EigPluy is more than happy to show you their innovative beach clips with a hook on top!

Suppose you don’t have a rope to hang your wet clothes. What do you do? Leave them be? EigPluy says, nope, leave it to them. This unique design of hooks allows you to hook the clip anywhere and clip whatever you want to afterward. How cool is that!

The swivel is made out of super-sturdy plastic. And in the end, there are gripping teeth that hold about everything just fine! The hook’s smart design can save you a ton of space in the closet or in the laundry room. Comes in a pack of 20 with an equal amount of black and white pieces.

Hang your shower curtain with a few of these spectacular clips and voila! You have a brand new design to boast about to your guests. Take all the credits! I won’t tell anyone! Promise!

  • Innovative hook design for ease
  • Super sturdy plastic is used for the body
  • Helps you save space in closet and wardrobe
  • Multitasker, as it can be used for various purposes
  • Not sturdy enough

Eunion Beach Towel Clips Pegs Pins

Eunion Beach Towel Clips Clothes Pegs Pins
Eunion Beach Towel Clips Clothes Pegs Pins Design

Another one that stands out in the crowd is this cool looking see-through beach clips from Eunion. The plastic isn’t just any plastic that its made of. This Is premium grade plastic that is entirely see-through and classy.

The steel hook in the middle that’s holding the whole thing together is galvanized with zinc. That makes it efficient and long-lasting. These come in a pack of 8.

Easily multipurpose these stunning looking clips in the kitchen and the laundry room. They are the perfect companion for you if you are in the market for a fantastic pair of beach towel clips.

With a 9cm long body, you have plenty of options to use this for. It opens up .97 inches long, so bulky shower curtain holder or a fluffy towel both will be trounced in this game.

  • See-through premium plastic made
  • Zinc galvanized steel hook
  • Opens wide to hold buky stuff
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Quality could be better

ECROCY Jumbo Size Beach Towel Clips for Beach Chairs

ECROCY Jumbo Size Beach Towel Clips for Beach Chairs
ECROCY Jumbo Size Beach Towel Clips for Beach Chairs Design

Make room for another excellent quality beach towel clip from ECROCY. Colorful? Of course! No clip from ECROCY is bland. They spark joy in the heart whenever found in sight.

Other than being pretty, this being a colorful feature lets you locate your beach bench from a distance. ECROCY is big enough for a fluffy beach towel. It can open wide, 13cm, to be exact. So, you can easily hold on to anything you want.

They come in a pack of 8.8 colorful eye candies in an absolute steal of a price. The steel in the middle that is holding the plastic pieces together is made of galvanized steel. So it won’t be rusting anytime soon.

  • Colorful and amazing looking
  • Good quality plastic used as the body
  • Steel clamp in the middle
  • Could be better quality

O2COOL Mermaid Plastic BocaClip

O2COOL BocaClip - Mermaid Clip
O2COOL BocaClip - Mermaid Clip Design

Last but not least, here comes the most stunning clip I have ever seen. These are the brand new O2COOL Boca mermaid Clip. They don’t only serve the purpose of looks but also do the job intended.

These are hard to break. Yet so lightweight that you can throw a dozen in your beach bag and still won’t feel the difference.

You don’t have to save these stunning clips only to show off at the beach. Use them in the patio or pool and brag about how cute they are. The strong clamp gives you a decent grip on clothes. So, you can hang wet clothes as easily as the dry ones.

  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • A strong clamp provides a strong grasp
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • A little pricey for a pair of plastic clips

Types of Towel Clip

I wouldn’t say that there is a whole buffet of beach towel clips ready at your service. But there are some points upon which you can distinguish which ones you want and which ones aren’t just your type.

The Plastics

The majority of these beach towel clips are made out of plastic. This is in no shape or forms a ‘mean girls’ reference because we don’t need that kind of plastics around us. It is the good kind. A lot of clips are out there, which are made of premium and PP plastic, which are an excellent investment.

Stainless-steel Made

Some clips have galvanized steel as their body material. And we know how great that would work in the hot setting of the beach with blazing sun roaring over your head.


Some in the market has a heavy-duty plastic body with steel strings holding the body in place. These ones also get the job well done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? Maybe look through here first.

Q: Can I use them as a pool cover holder?

A: Well, it will solely depend on the clip quality and what is its claim for you. But in general circumstances, I don’t recommend doing so.

Q: How strong should the pinch be?

A: Definitely not as strong where it can hurt you. That will also ruin your towel. But it should be strong enough to hold a piece of wet clothing without sliding all over the place.

Q: Steel or plastic?

A: In my opinion, both! Because it doesn’t really matter which ones you’re using. As long as the clamps have a tight grasp over the towel, it should be fine. But if you are looking for a cheaper option, then go for the plastics.

Q: Can I leave them outside in the hot sun?

A: If they are made out of steel, then go ahead. But you should be careful with plastic. Even if they don’t melt, which should be the case if you use the recommended ones, they have a chance to stretch.

Q: What is a Boca clip?

A: A Boca clip is the type of beach clip that has a wide round head so that it can hold even the bulkiest towel ever so easily.

Final Words

Yes, I admit that finding the best beach towel clips isn’t a task that is impossible to get done. Still, trust me when I say it is quite annoying. But hey, the hard part is a done deal, and here I have laid down all the best options for you to go through.

So, go ahead and get the ones that you find the most useful and practical as per your requirements.