How to Soften Towels (4 Tested Tips)

how to wash towels so they are soft

The life of a towel is really hard. Just think – all of that detergent, softener and rough use, and then at the end of the day, they’re moping the floor and being rolled around like a football. Not to mention those occasional hair oils and stickiness that get stuck to towels like a magnet. … Read more

How to Get Smells Out of Towels (3 Steps)

how to get mildew smell out of towels

This morning, when you got out of the shower, did you get a sour smell from your towel? You put it in the washing machine with loads of detergent, washed, dried, and folded it. This evening you noticed the same smell on the towel, and now you think that all of your hard work was … Read more